Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire 32

Chapter 32

The two people ate in the pastry house for more than two hours until Tang Mi felt that something had been stuffed into the mouth of the scorpion and finally gave up the battle: “Pack it up…”

Yu Yi nodded and called the clerk. The food box packed in the pastry house was very beautiful, and Tang Mi later learned that it was an extra charge.

The rest of the pastries that had not been eaten were carefully put in, and it looked just like the one on the display. The clerk used three three-layer food boxes to pack all the things.

Tang Mi took a food box and followed Yu Yi to get out of the pastry house and saw Luo Hao wait outside. She thought that she and Manager Yu comfortably ate and drank gluttonously in the private room. Luo Hao was here and suffered sunburn and heavy wind, which made Tang Mi feel a little sad.

She went to Luo Hao’s front and handed the food box in her hand to him: “Mr. Luo, these are the cakes that have not been eaten. It won’t take long to reserve, please eat as soon as possible.” She said after thinking about it, added that, “We were very careful not to touch it when we ate, very clean.”

Luo Hao laughed and took the food box on her hand: “Thank you.”

Tang Mi smiled at him and got into the car.

The car directly drove back to the hotel. When she got off the car, Yu Yi gave the remaining two food boxes to Tang Mi: “You take it back and eat it.”

Tang Mi was then in a state where she did not even have to eat tomorrow, but she still took the two food boxes that Yu Yi handed over: “Thank you, Manager Yu.”

Yu Yi gently sighed, when the door was closed, he inadvertently said: “Change a place to eat tomorrow.”

Tang Mi stunned, and looked at Yu Yi: “Am I still going to try it tomorrow? I seem to have eaten all kinds of pastries today.”

Yu Yi nodded: “So tomorrow is to thanks for your help.”

Tang Mi quickly blinked her eyes and smiled at him: “Oh, thank you, Manager Yu.”

The smile in her eyes was accompanied by an imperceptible banter, and some of the unnaturally moved her eyes away. she went into the hotel. Tang Mi looked at his back behind him and couldn’t help but laugh.

Luo Hao walked up to her and deliberately asked: “The back of Manager Yu is so funny?”

Tang Mi sincerely praised: “So handsome.”

Luo Hao chuckled and followed the Yu Yi into the hotel.

When Tang Mi returned to the hotel room, Lu Yu was sitting in front of the computer and knocking the keyboard. Tang Mi put down two food boxes in her hand and walked over to her and asked, “What are you writing? Publicity scripts?”

Lu Yu looked up, and the thick lens on her face could not cover the sadness in her eyes: “Mr. Yu asked me to write a manuscript introducing Japanese culture to him, not less than 30,000 words!”

Tang Mi: “…”

“You said, why Mr. Yu is suddenly so interested in Japanese culture!”

“Oh…” Tang Mi’s hand rested on her shoulder and said sincerely, “I’m sorry.”

“What?” Lu Yu looked at her inexplicably.

Tang Mi did not explain it. She took the food box and placed it in front of Lu Yu: “To express my apologies, these are for you.”

“What is it?” Lu Yu looked at her and opened the lid. The first layer of the food box is neatly placed with oysters, bean stuffed donuts and Nagasaki cakes. There was a small bag next to it, and there were several bags of different kinds of tea bags.

Lu Yu felt that she couldn’t bear it: “Fuck, you ate delicious food by yourself! How about meeting friends by foods we ever said!”

Tang Mi blinked her eyes and looked at her innocently: “I am not alone, Mr. Yu is also there.”

Lu Yu: “…”

She stood up from the chair and pulled Tang Mi to the side to sit down and asked seriously: “Tell me why Mr. Yu invited you to eat?”

“Not asking me to eat, Mr. Yu was just trying to check out Japanese pastries, um.”

Lu Yu watched her in silence for a long while, and patted her shoulder heavily: “When the next time Mr. Yu is going to eat, remember to call me.”

“You finish writing Japanese culture first.”

Lu Yu: “…”

At the end of the second day of the exchange meeting, Lin Che came to Tang Mi to invite her to eat again, and was once again rejected by Tang Mi without mercy.

Because yesterday, Mr. Yu said that he would invite her to dinner today, so when Tang Mi left the venue, she waited for him. When she didn’t see him, she returned to the hotel.

Lu Yu was not in the room, but the computer was on. Tang Mi took a look and saw that the blacked-out large character Song was particularly obvious.

The third of Japanese culture – bar culture.

Tang Mi: “…”

She thought that if Lu Yu handed it over, she might lose her salary.

The door was suddenly knocked, and Tang Mi thought that Lu Yu might have returned, and then walked over and opened the door.

Standing outside a man, wearing a pink polo shirt and a baseball cap, looked at Tang Mi with a smile.

Tang Mi’s mouth was pulled out uncontrollably, and she tentatively asked: “Yu Xin?”

The man shook his head and smiled with two dimples: “I am not Yu Xin, I am a new personality that is split, and I am Goudan.”

Tang Mi: “…”

“Sister, are we going to play, ok?”

Tang Mi: “…”

Let her digest first.

She stood at the door for a moment, quickly returned to the room, took out her mobile phone and found Luo Hao’s phone. She was about to dial out, and the phone was robbed by the man in the pink polo shirt: “Sister, I have a problem with my intelligence. I am only a 10-year-old child. Don’t bully me.”

Tang Mi: “…”

This was definitely Yu Xin.

She laughed and happily looked at Yu Xin: “Goudan, where do you want to go with me?”

Yu Xin smiled and said: “Just play in my sister’s room.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Tang Mi wiped her face and smiled as warm as a spring breeze: “Lu Yu will come back at any time, don’t make trouble, ok?”

Yu Xin said: “I am not troublesome, I am only mentally problematic.”

Tang Mi: “…”

She wiped her face again: “This is what Yu Yi said. If you are not satisfied, you can slap yourself.”

Yu Xin: “…”

He looked at Tang Mi, quite dissatisfied: “But you have no rebuttal, you even said that I was a child?”

“Oh, this…”

Tang Mi hadn’t figured out how to explain it. Yu Xin had already pushed her to the wall and use a standard wall bam posture with “bang” a hammer through Tang Mi’s ear.

Tang Mi was shocked a little, and Yu Xin leaned over and slowly approached her lips, but when she was about to run, he moved to the side.

A soft kiss fell lightly on her lips, and Tang Mi’s heart jumped wildly. Yu Xin put it in her ear and sighed with a sigh of relief. “Have you seen a child who will do this kind of thing?”

The distance between each other was so close, the heart was slightly overturned, and his eyelashes swept over Tang Mi’s cheek, but it seemed to have swept the heart of Tang Mi.

Tang Mi looked at his deep dimples and twitching eyelashes, and she almost fell in love.

With the sound “ding”, the door was opened again. Tang Mi and Yu Xin heard the sound while looking at the door.

Lu Yu stood in front of the door with several magazines, and opened the door of a new world.

Tang Mi and Mr. Yu? Tang Mi and Mr. Yu! What were they doing? !

Yu Xin took the lead to earth to himself, took Tang Mi to the door, and looked at Lu Yu and said: “You are in the propaganda department? Since you have seen it, help us to promote it.”

Lu Yu stared at him: “Promote…What?”

Yu Xin took Tang Mi’s shoulder and smiled at Lu Yu: “Of course it is my relationship with my sweetheart.”

When he finished, he took Tang Mi out of the door. Tang Mi was just awake at the moment and shouted at Lu Yu: “Don’t listen to him, he is drunk and then become crazy!”

Yu Xin pulled Tang Mi out of the hotel and hired a taxi to sit up with Tang Mi.

Tang Mi frowned and looked at him. He seemed a bit mad: “How can you tell Lu Yu that!”

Yu Xin did not answer, but said something to the taxi driver, then the car quickly drove out. Tang Mi glanced out of the window and turned back to ask Yu Xin: “Where are we going?”

Yu Xin smiled and said: “Of course the place where a kid should go.”

Tang Mi: “…”

She moved her eyebrows and accused: “You are too stingy! You spent so much money of Mr. Yu, and Mr. Yu did not say anything. Mr. Yu only said that you have a low IQ, you will hold the grudge for a long time!”

Yu Xin frowned and looked at Tang Mi: “I don’t care what he said, but I don’t like you to treat me as a child.”

Tang Mi defended herself: “If you hadn’t took me to the amusement park, I would say that you are a child? Goudan!”

Yu Xin: “…”

Finally, the Yu Xin, Goudan, a children took Tang Mi to a video game city, Tang Mi laughed and justified his child’s label.

Yu Xin played in the video game city, and had fun, won a lot of lottery tickets, and used them to change a plush doll for Tang Mi.

Tang Mi: “…”

She took a plush doll with the same color as the polo shirt, and ravaged it.

Yu Xin didn’t know what he saw, and he was holding Tang Mi and said happily: “There is a photo booth on the other side, let’s take a photo.”

Tang Mi did not have any chance to oppose it, and she was dragged over by Yu Xin.

After the screen reflected the figure of the two of them, Yu Xin said with enthusiasm: “Sweetheart, come over and hug me.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Seeing Tang Mi did not move, Yu Xin said generously: “It doesn’t matter, I just hug you.”

Tang Mi: “…”

In the face of the person like a octopus, Tang Mi did not have the ability to fight back, and took a group of photos with humiliation.

Yu Xin was very satisfied with the photos. After the boss cut the photo, he chose one of his favorite photo to stick on his wallet.

Tang Mi: “…”

God! Mr. Yu’s wallet was a private, hand-customized high-end product, with such cheap photo on it…

She can’t afford it!

“Is it beautiful, sweetheart?” Yu Xin handed the wallet over and invited Tang Mi to praise him.

Tang Mi took a deep breath and smiled: “Good, but can you tear it off?”

Yu Xin immediately turned his hand back and held his wallet in his arms: “No, this is our photo, I will stick it on my wallet all over my life.”

“…but when Mr. Yu wake up, he will tear it off.”

Yu Xin picked up his eyebrows and thought that he would not be reluctant, and he had a headache again.

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