Xian Wang Dotes On Wife 95 (part 2)

Chapter 95 The Curse of Envy (part 2)

Yun Qianyu had moved to the outer hall and sat down!

“Princess of the kingdom!” As soon as Jiang Chong saw that Yun Qianyu was there, he immediately gave a salute.

“Jiang Taifu, please take a seat!” Yun Qianyu’s voice was in a cool way.

Jiang Chong sat down with Hua Manxi!

After Jiang Chong came, Jiang Yunyi stood on his side.

Hua Manxi made Jiang Zongzheng sit as well!

“I don’t know. What’s the matter with Lord Rong?” Jiang Chong asked directly. Of course, Hua Manxi wouldn’t bother to invite him for tea!

Hua Manxi looked at Jiang Chong, and then at Yun Qianyu.

“It’s me who asked you to come,” said Yun Qianyu.

Jiang Chong was stunned, and then said, “For what business?”

Yun Qianyu looked at Jiang Yun beside him and said: “The granddaughter of Jiang taifu poisoned and tried to murder the legitimate Princess Mingzhu!”


Even if Jiang Chong knew what Jiang Yunyi had done, he didn’t expect such a great crime against the family!

Jiang Zongzheng stood up all at once.

But Jiang Yun immediately refuted after trembling: “I see Princess Mingzhu is lonely, so I often accompany her. Why did Princess falsely accuse me without evidence? How can I survive in the future?”

“Falsely? Do you think I should do such a thing?” Yun Qianyu disdained with her lips moved.

“Then please show me the evidence, princess !”

Jiang Yunyi was confident that Yun Qianyu couldn’t get evidence. She had been here since Yun Qianyu came in. She didn’t see any action of Yun Qianyu at all!

Yun Qianyu glanced at Jiang Yunyi, then looked at Jiang Chong and said, “What does Jiang Taifu mean?”

Jiang Chong knew that Yun Qianyu seemed to be a teenage girl, but it was not true. She didn’t go to the court too many times, but she could control the courtiers in her hands. What’s more, the old guys couldn’t do the things she did.

Jiang Chong knew that his answer at this time concerned the life and death of the Jiang family!

“I believe what the princess said!”

“Grandpa?” Jiang Yunyi never thought that her grandfather who always loved her could believe in Yun Qianyu’s words!

Jiang Chong looked at Jiang Yunyi and said, “The princess never wronged people. Since she said it, she must have evidence. You can recruit yourself. Grandpa will plead for you and leave a whole dead body!” Jiang Chong said.

Jiang Zongzheng also didn’t believe that Jiang Yunyi could do such a thing. Princess Mingzhu is her future mother-in-law. Moreover, since Jiang Yunyi and Hua Manxi were engaged, Princess Mingzhu treated Jiang Yunyi like her own daughter. Why did Jiang Yunyi poison her? However, since his father had his own reasons for making such a decision, he dare not sit down any more and stood beside Jiang Chong.

Yun Qianyu looked at Jiang Chong and said: “I know that this matter has nothing to do with Jiang Masion. Jiang Mansion has made great efforts to serve the country. Therefore, I will show my kindness and will not involve anyone in Jiang Mansion. I will also let Jiang Yunyi to go back with you and solve it by yourselves. This is also the reason for inviting you here today.”

Hearing this, Jiang Chong immediately knelt down and said with tears of gratitude, “Thanks for your kindness!”

Yun Qianyu came forward to help Jiang Chong!

And Hua Manxi stared at Jiang Yunyi coldly, “Why? Why did you do that?”

Jiang Yunyi was stunned and said, “Do you also believe I did it?”

“I believe in little girl!” Hua Manxi said.

“Ha ha, you believe her, but you don’t believe your fiancee!” Jiang Yunyi was mad.

She looked at Yun Qianyu with grim eyes and said: “Princess, why don’t you let me die clearly? Where did I offend you? Is it because Hua Manxi likes you, you can’t marry him, and you can’t let him marry anyone else? You can tell me straightly. I don’t need to take the blame for others. It’s not a big deal that I don’t marry him! ”

Hua Manxi’s face suddenly darkened. There was no expression on Yun Qianyu’s face. She never cared about these irrelevant things.


Jiang Taifu slapped Jiang Yunyi on the face!

Jiang Yunyi covered her face and looked at her grandfather, who loved her all the time. Her tears came down.

“Grandpa, you don’t believe me, and you even beat me!” Jiang Yunyi cried out “ah” like crazy.

Jiang Chong looked at his hand painfully. Yun Yi was the only blood left by his eldest son! But his granddaughter, who had been spoiled for more than ten years, was going to put Jiang’s family on the guillotine!

Yun Qianyu stood up, “Originally, I don’t want to make you shameful and let you go home to solve this by yourselves, but if I don’t come up with evidence today, Miss Jiang won’t be reconciled.”

Jiang Yunyi looked up at Yun Qianyu. There was no past gentleness in her pair of beautiful eyes.

When Yun Qianyu’s hand moved, Jiang Yunyi’s hairpin reached Yun Qianyu’s hand.

How did Jiang Yun know? She was shocked.

Yun Qianyu opened the plum blossom flower heart on the hairpin, which was actually empty. Then Yun Qianyu held the hairpin to let Jiang Chong and his son smell it.

“What do you smell?”

“Fragrance, very strong!” Jiang Zongzheng said.

Yun Qianyu took it to Hua Manxi, “Manxi, come to smell!”

Hua Manxi smelled, “The same fragrance of my mother’s!”

Yun Qianyu again looked to Jiang Yun Yi and said, “how do you explain, Miss Jiang?”

“The fragrance of this hairpin is my daily incense!” Jiang Yunyi pleaded with twinkling eyes.

“Oh, Miss Jiang, do you know how expensive the incense is?” Yun Qianyu restored the hairpin, then inserted it in Jiang Yunyi’s hair.

Jiang Yunyi didn’t know what incense it was. How could she know how precious it was!

“No clue, right? Let me tell you. The fragrance is actually a kind of poisonous flower. This poisonous flower grows in the forest with rainforest climate, and each one is accompanied by poisonous insects. It’s hard to pick it. Let alone making pills!”

Yun Qianyu looked at Jiang Yunyi, whose face changed. “The poison in Princess Mingzhu is called Pestering Poison. Jiang Taifu should be familiar with it, because the poison was developed by a couple who liked to make poison a hundred years ago, and the one who developed it together was Xiaoyan. After they developed it successfully, they poisoned each other. As a result, both of them died without developing the antidote for each other! Three years ago, my mother was poisoned by this. Unfortunately, there was no way to detoxify it at that time, so my mother also died of this deadly poison. Miss Jiang, now you know how precious the fragrance is!”

Jiang Yunyi collapsed completely. She fell to the ground!

Jiang Chong and Jiang Zongzheng understood the truth of the matter!

“Who is the man behind?” The dark eyes of Hua Manxi brew a terrible storm and fell on Jiang Yunyi.

“I don’t know him!” Jiang Yunyi didn’t dare to see Hua Manxi.

“My mother is not good to you?” Hua Manxi would like to know why Jiang Yunyi poisoned on his mother.

“What’s wrong with me? Why she always reminded me not to compare with Yun Qianyu? Why choose me to be a daughter-in-law if she disliked me so much!”

Now Jiang Yunyi couldn’t care about anything. She said all her thoughts.

Princess Mingzhu came out with the help of her attendant Mammy.

“Mother, how did you come out? Hua Manxi immediately came forward to hold the Princess Mingzhu.

Princess Mingzhu took Hua Manxi’s hand and sat down, “Your mom is OK!”

Jiang Yunyi fell on the ground without looking up!

“Yunyi, I really want you to be a daughter-in-law, so I just reminded you several times not to compare with Qianyu, because I can see that you are jealous of Qianyu, although you cover it up very well.” Princess Mingzhu paused for a while when she was lack of enough air.

Jiang Yunyi shuddered, and her head lowered!

“Among the girls in the capital, you are undoubtedly the best, so when more excellent Qianyu came, your heart gradually became unbalanced. You lost your father and your parents when you were young, but you still have your mother, grandfather, grandmother, uncle and aunt to cherish you. There is nothing in Qianyu, so she has to spend several or even ten times of ordinary people’s time to learn to become strong enough to protect herself and the whole Cloud Valley. For ordinary women, who can do it? Not to mention the sons and young masters who think they are brilliant.

The more Princess Mingzhu said, the more desolate her heart became. If she could do it, wouldn’t her father end up like this? He would bear the fact that he was getting closer to death every day!

“The umbrella on your head is supported by your relatives, but the umbrella on Qianyu’s head is supported by herself, and her experience is incomparable to you. Therefore, you can never surpass her and know what you can’t do. Why do you go on your own? I remind you that you want to understand as soon as possible, cherishing what you have is happiness!”

“Princess, I should die for my sins. I didn’t teach my granddaughter well!”

Hearing this, Jiang Chong burst into tears. Princess Mingzhu took great pains. However, her granddaughter was in bless and didn’t know it. She was actually used to poison the princess. She not only pushed away the happiness she could easily get, but also nearly buried the whole Jiang family!

“Get up, Jiang Taifu! All the royal families that Jiang’s family made for Nanlou Sate are in their hearts. As for Yunyi, you take her back for disposal! Let the marriage go! Tomorrow, I will send someone to send more stickers back to Jiang’s house! Get back the engagement keepsake!” Princess Mingzhu said.

“No need to wait for tomorrow. I will return the engagement keepsake later, but the princess’s poison…”

This is what Jiang Chong was worried about. If Princess Mingzhu’s poison couldn’t be cured, their Jiang family will die.

“I can solve that!” Yun Qianyu said after being silent for a while.

Jiang Chong was relieved. He got up from the ground and shook for a while. He almost fell down. Jiang Zongzheng was holding him up.

“Thank you, Princess Mingzhu, Princess, and Duke Rong for forgiving us. I shall keep your gratitude in mind!” Jiang Chong bowed.

Jiang Zongzheng also followed to give a salute. It was all caused by Yunyi’s jealousy. Yunyi committed a major crime against the family, while Princess Mingzhu and princess Yun Qianyu were merciful to see the merits of Jiang’s family, who had to do their best to repay their kindness.

Jiang Chong and Jiang Zongzheng were taking Jiang Yunyi away from the mansion! And the marriage of Hua and Jiang was cancelled!

As soon as the three of Jiang’s family left, Yun Qianyu asked Princess Mingzhu to lie back in bed.

The people were sent outside of the room, only Hua Manxi and Yun Qianyu were left inside.

Yun Qianyu reached out her right hand. Waving her hand, a strong golden force overflows from the palm of her hand, then wrapped the Princess Mingzhu.

Yun Qianyu’s visit to Jiuxiao Kingdom had gotten something this time. The biggest harvest was to separate the internal power of Ziyu Heart Sutra and Golden Heart Sutra when dispelling the black internal power of Beitang Guqiu.

A quarter of an hour later, Yun Qianyu recovered her internal power!

Princess Mingzhu suddenly felt that she had more strength!

“Aunt, please get more rest these days. Although the poison has been relieved, it’s poison after all. It’s harmful to the body. It’s good to take care of yourself for a few days.” Yun Qianyu admonished.

Princess Mingzhu nodded, and Yun Qianyu left Lord Rong’s mansion!

Hua Manxi saw Yun Qianyu out. They walked on the road and Hua Manxi’s was still frowning.

“Who will be behind the scene?”

The person behind the scene obviously took advantage of Jiang Yunyi. The goal was Princess Mingzhu. But Princess Mingzhu didn’t go out frequently. She was also very kind and hadn’t offended anyone? If the one behind the scene couldn’t be found out, Hua Manxi’s heart would be always restless.

Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire 48

Chapter 48

Yu Yi woke up the next day and subconsciously touched his side, but he didn’t feel anyone beside him. He frowned and opened his eyes.

There was nobody beside him with only a little temperature remaining, which proved that someone was lying here.

He lifted the quilt and got up.

There was a little noise from the kitchen on the first floor, and Yu Yi stood at the stairs and looked in the direction of the sound. Tang Mi wore her clothes, holding a spatula in her right hand and just turned around.

Tang Mi met Yu Yi’s eyes, she raised her head and smiled at him: “I am making breakfast, Did I wake you up?”

The sunlight cast down through the small window, lighting up the smile on the corner of her mouth. She was as beautiful as a painting.

Yu Yi was touched by Tang Mi, He went to hug her from behind around the waist: “No, I miss you.”

Tang Mi looked at him surprisingly: “You’re so good at talking now, where did you learn it?”

Yu Yi looked up at her and said, “From my heart.”

Tang Mi chuckled, trying to go rid of his arms: “I can’t cook anymore if you still hug me.”

Yu Yi touched her softly and loosed the hands.

Tang Mi scooped up the fried egg from the pan, then looked back at Yu Yi: “Sorry, I use these things without your approval.”

Yu Yi hugged her from behind again: “It doesn’t matter, you can use everything in this room, including me.”

Looking at Yu Yi sticking to her like a plaster, Tang Mi wondered why she hadn’t found that he was so sticky before, she couldn’t help but smiled and asked, “How can I use you?”

“As you wish.”

A light breath swept over Tang Mi’s ear, and her ears soon turned red again.

It was so exciting early in the morning! What she wanted was to cook breakfast!

Yu Yi looked at her reddish ears as attractive as a cherry, he couldn’t help but licked them.

Tang Mi trembled.

Yu Yi laughed and finally said: “I’m going to change clothes, take your time.”

Tang Mi leaning against the desk sighed a relief when Yu Yi was gone.

She decided to go home today and post a help topic on the Internet with the title “What should I do if my boyfriend is too handsome? I want to flirt with him at anytime and anywhere.”

When Yu Yi changed her clothes, Tang Mi had set breakfast on the table.

A fried egg, two slices of bread, a glass of milk, and a plate of cucumbers and green vegetables.

“I made a fruit cream pound cake. If two slices are not enough, I will get more for you.” Tang Mi pulled the chair and sat opposite to him.

Yu Yi picked up the knife and fork on both sides of the fried egg and looked at her: “I want to marry you as early as possible.”

Tang Mi looked away and gave a cough: “Let’s eat and go to work.”

Yu Yi tickled his lips and ate breakfast quietly.

Yu Yi instructed the driver to take Tang Mi to the restaurant first when they got out. Tang Mi looked at him and said hesitantly: “Is it nice to be seen by a colleague?”

Yu Yi said: “I have introduced you to my parents, and I want to make it public sooner or later.”

… it is morning, I take the boss’s car to the restaurant… Tang Mi can imagine what her colleagues will gossip.

In the end, Yu Yi still considered about her thoughts and specifically instructed the driver to stop at an intersection ahead of the restaurant, which made Tang Mi sigh a relief.

Before Tang Mi got out of the car, Yu Yi said, “Remember I will show you the shop when you take the next vocation.”

“Okay, be careful.” Tang Mi waved at him, pulled the door and got out of the car.

Yu Yi let the driver drive to the company.

Tang Mi, the only employee who did not work overtime during the Qixi Festival was unanimously despised by everyone during the morning meeting. However, she had fallen in love, and she didn’t take it seriously. Suddenly she thought that she hadn’t returned overnight last night, and Fu Xin would ask.

She spent the whole day thinking about how to explain to Fu Xin about her whereabouts last night, she went home before thinking it again.

Fu Xin collapsed weakly on the sofa with an unlovable posture.

Tang Mi put down the bag, walked to the sofa and looked down at her: “What’s wrong with you?”

Fu Xin said with a long sigh: “I didn’t expect that the employment situation is so hard now.”

Tang Mi blinked her eyes: “Are you looking for a job today?”

“Well, after all, I sang the national anthem for so many years—— get up! People who don’t want to be slaves!(The lyric of Chinese national anthem)”

Tang Mi: “…”

“Actually, assistant Luo is pretty good to you?” Luo Hao helped Tang Mi a lot, so she subconsciously wanted to speak for Luo Hao.

Fu Xin heard this and bounced off the sofa like a corpse brought to life: “Is he good to me?! Can you still say that after you saw how he enslaved me! Do you know how many plates I washed yesterday? My hands are almost broken!”

Tang Mi: “…”

She pushed Fu Xin’s legs away and sat down next to her: “So did you find the work today?”

Fu Xin pouted his lips: “Either I don’t like the job or the company don’t want me.”

“Then you continue to be enslaved by assistant Luo.” Tang Mi went back to the bedroom to change her clothes. Suddenly, she seemed to remembered something and turn around to Fu Xin, “When did you come back yesterday?”

Fu Xin said: “It was almost one o’clock and you had already turned off the lights when I come back, so I didn’t disturb you.”

Tang Mi’s eyes moved: “What time did you leave in the morning?”

“I was so tired yesterday, and I slept until eleven o’clock, then I went to the talent market, what’s wrong?”

“No, nothing.” Tang Mi smiled. Fu Xin thought she was asleep when she returned, and she was gone when she got up?

… It’s perfect!

Tang Mi felt happy secretly for a while, “Why did you come back so late?”

Fu Xin said: “Yesterday I worked overtime until 10:30, finally Luo Hao was stung by conscience to treat me with a barbecue!”

Tang Mi said, “So he is very good to you.”

“No, he’s just feel sorry!”

“Every conscientious creditor deserves to be cherished.” Tang Mi said, “Oh, yes, I have a good news, my dessert shop may open soon!”

Fu Xin finally cheered up when she heard that: “Have you saved so much money?”

“I don’t save enough money, but Yu Yi said he intends to invest in my dessert shop!”

Fu Xin: “…”

Yu Yi, the Yu’s company’s CEO, leader of the the food industry, invest in such a dessert shop …

“He said that he will buy shares in his private capacity. He won’t interfere with my decision. And he will take me to Starlight Park to see the shop in my next vocation.”

Fu Xin couldn’t control her surprising expression: “The Starlight Park? Your dessert shop is going to open there? The rent is very expensive!”

“Yeah, that’s why he needs to buy a share.”

Fu Xin: “…”

It’s nice to do anything with CEO’s help.

… why did she only have creditor?

She seemed to think of something while her eyes suddenly brightened. She ran to Tang Mi and said, “Tangtang, let me manage this dessert shop with you!”

Tang Mi froze: “You want to work with me?”

Fu Xin nodded quickly: “You are responsible for making cakes, I am in charge of anything else! Your craft plus my business mind, we will sweep the food industry in city A soon!”

Tang Mi: “…”

I heard that your company went bankrupt and owed a lot of debt.

Tang Mi was silent and Fu Xin insisted: “It must be too busy if you set up the dessert shop, you have to hire someone anyway, why don’t hire me? At least I am more reliable than others!”

Thinking that was reasonable, Tang Mi stared at Fu Xin for a while and said, “You must be more reliable than others, but are you really willing to open a dessert shop with me? This is just my dream, and you must have yours too.”

Fu Xin was silent for a while, and then threw up her hands: “My dream was disillusioned by the unfair workplace. It is better to be a boss than work for others. Although it is only a dessert shop, it may be listed abroad when we make big business!”

Tang Mi: “…”

This dream is so great that she can’t hold.

“How’s it going? I can take a sum of money out and invest in it, you are the master and I am the second!”

Tang Mi looked at her: “Where did you get money?”

“Borrow for Luo Hao, anyway, I owe him a lot.”

Tang Mi: “…”

It is not easy for assistant Luo to have such a debtor.

She thought about it and said: “Well, if you have other things to do in the future, you can go at any time.”

Fu Xin hugged her: “You are so nice, I love you.”

Tang Mi drew the corner of her mouth: “Then I will try to treat you so badly in the future, please don’t love me.”

Fu Xin: “…”

After coming to an agreement, Fu Xin planned the future of the dessert shop cheerfully: “There is still more things to do! First of all, we must apply a Weibo and post any new products on it, just like Yu’s company, and design the store name, logo, and develop an membership system! Yes, we also need to open an online store to expand our business!”

Tang Mi thought for a while: “Online store can only sell handmade cookies, pound cakes or jams, which have a longer shelf life, but cakes can’t be sold online.”

Fu Xin said: “It doesn’t matter, the online store can specialize in cake display. Customers can make reservations online and enter the store. In cooperation with the intra-city errand service, we can deliver goods.”

Tang Mi looked at her and admired: “I didn’t expect you to know a lot.”

Fu Xin said complacently: “I’m not bragging that I had owned a company! And even though I resigned now, some of my previous accumulated contacts are still there, I will invite a few media friends to advertise our shop!”

“OK! Xinxin, this is the first time I find you so reliable!”

“Hum, can you feel that it is the right choice to cooperate with me now? As I said, you just have to make a good cake and let me be in charge of anything else.” Fu Xin said, reaching out to Tang Mi and said with great interest, “Wish we sweep through city A and go public soon!”

Tang Mi held her hand cooperatively: “Wish we sweep through city A and go public soon!”

Thousand Autumns 55

Chapter 55

Shen Qiao nodded and said to them:” “How are you?”

Guang Lingsan calmed down and looked at Shen Qiao carefully: “I heard you hurt Sang Jingxing badly. I didn’t expect you to recover so soon. Congratulations!”

There was no one on spot when the two fought. Sang Jingxing was seriously injured by Shen Qiao, so he would not tell others. However, Guang Lingsan is a member of the magic sect, so he must have other ways to get the news.

Hearing this, Dou Yanshan was shocked.

Shen Qiao shook his head and said: “I haven’t fully recovered.”

But no one believed him. Although martial arts could only be improved by practicing hardly, each school has its own martial arts script. Besides, Shen Qiao is still a disciple of Qi Fengge. Who knew what martial arts script Qi Fengge had taught him.

Guang Lingsan said with a smile: “Maybe others don’t know how Master Yan treated you before, but I know. Taoist Shen, I heard that the reason why you fought with Sang Jingxing owes to Master Yan.”

Shen Qiao: “Yes.”

Guang Lingsan said: “He treated you coldly, which was no different from others.”

Shen Qiao: “Yes.”

Guang Lingsan: “You came all the way here to save him, but it’s too late.”

“Yes,” said Shen Qiao.

Guang Lingsan was a little surprised: “Is he worth you to do so? Is it true that there is a secret relationship between you?”

Shen Qiao said: “I didn’t save him for personal love, but for justice.”

Dou Yanshan couldn’t help laughing: “I heard for the first time that Yan Wushi is associated with justice! Unbelievable! Are you going to say that when Yan Wushi dies, there will be no justice in the world?”

Shen Qiao: “Yan Wushi is not a good man, but he assists the king of Zhou state. You want to kill him. Although you have different reasons, you have this same purpose. It’s not in your interest to support Yuwen Yong’s Northern Zhou Dynasty, so you must kill him first. But I think that if we want to put an end to the endless wars in the world, Yuwen Yong is the best king of Northern Zhou Dynasty. This is our difference.”

Dou Yanshan shook his head and said: “Shen Qiao, you are Han people, but you actually support Xianbei people. No wonder people of Xuan Du Mountain think you are not suitable for being a leader.”

Shen Qiao smiled and said: “It can only be said that you hadn’t really met the situation that your idea was against by countless people. As long as you think it’s worthy, don’t care about others. Those who really like you will understand you sooner or later.”

Guang Lingsan: “Since Yan Wushi is dead, it’s meaningless for you to rush here. What we want to do with his body is none of your business. Why do you have to meddle in it?”

Shen Qiao frowned: “People die as the lights off. In any case, he is also a master of the previous generation. I once had a relationship with him. I hope to collect his body and bury him. Please.”

Guang Lingsan shook his head and said: “We had made every effort to kill Yan Wushi. Naturally, we need to make sure that he is completely dead, and there is no possibility of his rebirth. First, let me cut off his head, and then you can take him away.”

Shen Qiao: “What if I say no?”

Guang Lingsan: “Although you are pretty, we are not interested in man.”

When he said this, he still had a smile on his face. He raised his hand and the zither in his hand turned over. He drew a long sword from the zither with his other hand. The tip of the sword had been handed to Shen Qiao instantly!

Shen Qiao stepped back and drew out the Shan He Tong Bei Sword!

The two swords spirit met each other. In an instant, Shen Qiao’s sword spirit rushed to Dou Yanshan as a white rainbow, which was violent and fast. Dou Yanshan suddenly felt the cold wind coming on his face. He was shocked and stepped back subconsciously, and then he realized his failure. However, he quickly raised a strong sense of vigilance.

The former leader of Xuan Du Mountain would not be a weak opponent.

In fact, Guang Lingsan was surprised too.

He had only met Shen Qiao twice. Last time, Shen Qiao tried his best to force Bai Rong back. When Guang Lingsan appeared, he had no strength to resist. He was even blind. He was so badly injured that it was hard for him to recover. Now he still looked sick. But once he drew out the sword, he became energetic and dazzling.

No, Shen Qiao at this time was like a sharp sword!

His artistic conception was like the ripples. It looked soft and endless. It not only broke Guang Lingsan’s sword light, but also weaved a tight sword net to wrap himself and Guang Lingsan.

He seemed to be melt with the sword. There were no gap between them.

Was this the strength of Xuan Du Mountain’s leader and Qi Fengge’s disciple?!

Guang Lingsan was not good at using swords. He was used to playing zither, but he could also use sword. At this moment, facing Shen Qiao’s impenetrable defense and attack, he felt helpless. He didn’t know what to do.

He bet that even if the real swordsman was here, he would feel the same as him!

Guang Lingsan decided to give up his sword and play the zither. He grabbed the zither behind him. Then the zither sound rushed towards Shen Qiao.

Dou Yanshan seemed to know his feeling and jumped up to hit Shen Qiao.

After all, Shen Qiao was not Yan Wushi, and there is no need to kill him, so he just wanted to distract his attention.

Unexpectedly, when his palm wind was near to reach Shen Qiao’s body, it was swallowed by the sword light. In the waves of the sword light, his palm wind was useless!

On the contrary, the sword light became more powerful, which was rushing to Dou Yanshan.

Their martial arts could be ranked among the top ten in the world. Although they didn’t do their best at this time, they were able to kill ordinary people on the spot. They had been fighting with Shen Qiao for a long time, but they couldn’t defeat him. It could be seen that Shen Qiao’s martial arts were excellent and unpredictable. It was difficult to cope with him.

If they continue to fight, they were bound to be enemies. The business of Liu He Sect was all over the world, so they should set a good relationship with others. This time, with others’ help, he participated in the encirclement and killing of Yan Wushi. He was just following the trend. But Shen Qiao was different. Since he has no intention to kill him, he had no need to continue the battle. Such an expert could cause countless troubles to Liu He Sect in the future.

Dou Yanshan planned to give in. Yan Wushi was most likely to die. Master Xue Ting and Duan Wenyuan had left, and he just wanted to revenge on him for destroying the fragmented script of Zhu Yan Ce. It’s worthless for him to continue.

So he laughed and said.

“Two to one battle is unfair. Good bye, Master Guang. See you later!”

Guang Lingsan was upset. But they have no friendship with each other. They have their own positions and interests. They could get together only because they have the same goal: to kill Yan Wushi. When they killed Yan Wushi, they achieved their goal, and the short-term cooperation would come to an end.

Since everyone else had left, why did he have to fight with Shen Qiao here?

He took a glance at Yan Wushi who was still lying there, bleeding and unconscious. The possibility of his surviving was rare.

He had no interest in entangling with Shen Qiao. The sound of the zither suddenly became loud. Shen Qiao’s five sensory organs were not closed, so he was affected by it and the sword momentum stagnated slightly. Guang Lingsan took the opportunity to escape. He clapped Shen Qiao with one hand, and then left.

“Taoist Shen is benevolent, Yan Wushi had countless enemies, but he was lucky to have a friend like you. I agree with you.”

Hearing this, Shen Qiao drew his sword back and said: “Thank you very much, Master Guang!”

Guang Lingsan nodded at him with a smile and turned away.

After the battle, the news of Yan Wushi’s death would spread all over the world soon. Huan Yue Sect had no leader. It is impossible for Bian Yanmei and Yu Shengyan to manage the sect for a long time. The balance between the three magic sects would be changed, too. Fa Jing Sect might take the opportunity to return to the Central Plains. They has many things to do.

Shen Qiao stood still and slowly took a long breath after Guang Lingsan left. He stroked his chest, and forced back the smell of blood that flowed up his throat.

Zhu Yang Ce was very useful. After all, he just practiced it for a short time. It’s lucky for him to recover 50 or 60 percent of his martial arts. He was at disadvantage that he fought with two opponents who are all top ten experts in the world. He was going to give up. Guang Lingsan and Dou Yanshan had no intention to fight, and Shen Qiao shocked them first, so he was lucky.

Shen Qiao smiled bitterly. His inborn vitality recovered after a long while. He walked to Yan Wushi and bent over to touch his wrist.

His hands were cold and silent with no pulse.

He could recall the pain memory of being abandoned by Yan Wushi. Because of him, Chu Yi and the temple master were dead. He worked hard to live. On hearing the critical news, he finally decided to abandon his personal feelings and rush to rescue him, but it was too late.

He sighed and said in a low voice, “Fine. Help yourself in the hell.”

Suddenly, Yan Wushi’s hand moved slightly.

Shen Qiao was stunned, but before he reacted, his wrist was immediately grasped by Yan Wushi!

Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother 68

Chapter 68 Wenren Mu: Do you know it is my first time?

Duan Xuan went to the cliff. He crossed his hands back and suddenly cut down the disciples’ emotional arguments: “You all go back to sleep. In recent days, no one is allowed to go to Wen Jing’s house. Am I clear?”

Liu Qianmo said quickly, “Yes.” Then he pushed Mo Shaoyan and others: “It’s late, go back to sleep.”

Mo Shaoyan faltered: “Master, is Jing Shidi really…”

Duan Xuan said coldly, “He deserves that! Why do you offend for him? It’s supposed to be Jun Yanzhi! Go back to practice sword, and never think about these things again, all of you.”

Someone sighed. All the disciples remained silent. Duan Xuan suddenly jumped off the cliff, and flew away like a shadow.

“What should we do about Wenren Mu?” A long time later, Gui Xinbi finally spoke among the disciples who’re bowing their heads.



“He’s a high level cultivator, and we hold nothing to accuse him, maybe we should pray.” Mo Shaoyan sighed.

“Why do you praise him? I think he is confident enough.” Gui Xinbi said coolly.

Wenren Mu always believed that humility was one of his strengths.

As the only one who had earth single talent, his cultivation ranked first among the young disciples of the Sword Sect. Xi Fang and Lu Changqing had always placed high hopes on him.

Let alone his handsome and tall look, even some people in neighboring countries had heard that there was a young and handsome man – Wenren Mu who had earth single talent in the Qingxu Sword Sect.

Speaking arrogantly, all women blushed for him and adored him when they saw him.

But It was not graceful to say these secret words out.

He thought he deserved the praise “Gentleman” for his decades of clean private life and virtue. Men like him, who could resist temptation of beautiful women? If it’s possible, they would share love with all girls of the sword sect.

There was only him who could also refuse those girls’ invitations politely every time.

Now that he had to choose a couple, he must find someone who could match him in all aspects, including talent, appearance, and fame. He didn’t like girls who wanted to throw themselves to him.

Finally he found his girl, Ji Keqing of Full Moon Peak who had ice mutant talent and was beautiful. What pleased him more, she was so cold that she barely talked to male disciples. She was his best choice.

Everything went on his way. But unfortunately, Jun Yanzhi of the Qing Xu Sword Sect showed up.

Jun Yanzhi was as talented as him and more handsome with a gentle and elegant temperament, which was beyond comparison.

Over the past few years, Jun Yanzhi had been more and more famous. The disciples preferred to compare them, and laughed behind him that he was nothing in front of Jun Yanzhi. Over time, he was a little depressed. He needed to pour out the bitter feelings. So sometimes, he ran to a remote cliff in the Xunyang Mountain Range and drank alone.

At a normal night, he was drinking the wine full of gloom with the moon in the forest. When he got drunk slightly, a young and shy girl came from moonlight. She sat beside him and comforted him gently. After a long pause, she finally said lovingly: “No matter what other people say, Wenren Shixiong, you are the hero in my heart forever.”

This girl named Rong Xuan was a female disciple of the Slender Bamboo Peak. She shyly said that she had admired Wenren Mu for a long time, but never dared to approach him. Hearing that, Wenren Mu who was depressed and drunk lost self-control. He slept with Rong Xuan on the edge of the cliff.

He broke the ban on sex in the bad time of his life. Since then, he couldn’t bring his willpower back anymore. He met with Rong Xuan for several nights.

But as the passion went out, he calmed down.

For an unknown letter.

“A secret date at midnight, a couple swim in love. The master of the Full Moon Peak must be very happy to see this.”

At that time, Wenren Mu was already engaged with Ji Keqing. Master Li Qingyun of the Full Moon Peak loved Ji Keqing very much. If she knew what he did, let alone the marriage, she could kill him.

He pondered uneasily for a long time. After all, the fear from the mystery man reached him. He called Rong Xuan out at that night. He observed Rong Xuan, and said seriously: “Actually, I’ve been engaged with a girl, and we will marry next year. Although you and I love each other, I can’t be with you in this life.”

He had already imagined Rong Xuan’s possible reactions, she would cry, or be angry to hit him, or she would have a grudge against him and speak things out to ruin him, or she would lose her faith in marriage. He had also made some statements to release her first.

However, unexpectedly, Rong Xuan was quiet for a while, and then she only said lightly: “Give me a Perfume Elixir, one hundred medium-quality magic stones and ten high-quality magic stones. And we’re quits. Nothing happened.”

Wenren Mu didn’t expect her to be so cool, he was really surprised: “… that’s good.”

As one from a cultivation family, he could barely afford these magic stones. But Perfume Elixir was high prized and used to make breakthrough and level up to the Golden Alchemy Level for Foundation Level cultivators. Its materials were so rare that there were less than ten in the five major sects. Wenren Mu once occasionally told Rong Xuan that he had got one before and showed off it to her.

Now, he only could have it by killing Rong Xuan. After a long time of thinking, he finally agreed. So, he gave Rong Xuan what she asked that night.

When Rong Xuan turned to leave, he suddenly felt a little bit upset, and said softly, “One night of love is worth a hundred days of friendship, I will always be there when you need me.”

Rong Xuan smiled without answering and took the things to leave.

It should have ended that night, but Wenren Mu got a lovesick. He regretted. Gradually he wanted to call off the engagement with Ji Keqing and rebuild a relationship with Rong Xuan. He knew that it would definitely make the Master of the Full Moon Peak angry. But compared with Ji Keqing who had no interest in him at all even if he had pursued her for a few years, gentle and thoughtful Rong Xuan fascinated him a lot.

A few days later, There was suddenly a news from the sword sect. The master of Slender Bamboo Peak broke through and successfully reached to the Golden Alchemy Level. Rong Xuan became the master’s closest disciple and received a generous reward. Wenren Mu was shocked. So one night, he called Rong Xuan out to question. Rong Xuan hesitated for a long time and finally said, “All this is the strategy of the Master, she had already knew that you had a Perfume Elixir.”

Wenren Mu couldn’t believe it: “You … so everything is fake, your gentleness, your considerateness and your love?”

“… Yes.”

Wenren Mu was totally angry. He asked Rong Xuan to return his magic stones. Rong Xuan refused and ran away. Wenren Mu was so angry and upset that he couldn’t wait to get her back and torture her. But just then, Duan Xuan went mad. He received the order to go to the Ancient Mirror Sect for Jun Yanzhi.

He poured all his anger to Jun Yanzhi and could not wait to avenge. In order to make Jun Yanzhi sad, he said the big turtle died deliberately, which he thought was very important to Jun Yanzhi,

Then Wenren Mu came across Jun Yanzhi who got hurt by Wen Jing and He Ling seriously. At that time, Jun Yanzhi’ body was involved in evil magic. He walked slowly in the snow with a sword on his waist. Wenren Mu stepped forward and questioned Jun Yanzhi also in very bad mood. Jun Yanzhi almost crushed Wenren Mu’s heart, saying ruthlessly: “I am that cruel evil cultivator. Come to kill me if you can.”

Wenren Mu fainted with shock and anger. Fortunately, after a few days and nights, the lord of the Curved Wood Abbey saved him.

However, Jun Yanzhi had been missing before he returned to the Qing Xu Sword Sect. Wenren Mu waited uneasily for a few days, gradually he was relieved to believe that Jun Yanzhi was dead. But early one morning he opened the door and saw a graceful man in green standing at the door with his hands back.

Even if there was only bone ash, Wenren Mu could sense his enemy, Jun Yanzhi. He angrily said, “What are you going to do?”

Jun Yanzhi said lightly, “To check if you die.”

After speaking, he looked at Wenren Mu with a faint smile and flew away briskly.
Wenren Mu was frightened by the smile, he felt cold and numb. He did not dare to challenge Jun Yanzhi directly, and did not dare to ignore what he saw. He struggled with his fear for a few days and finally reported it to Xi Fang.

Wenren Mu didn’t have much confidence in his reporting because it was difficult to be convinced without evidence. But unexpectedly, Xi Fang pondered for a long time, and suddenly ordered Zhu Ge to immediately gather all Foundation Level disciples at the Smart Stone Peak to catch Jun Yanzhi.

And this was what caused everything happened in the Smart Stone Peak.

However, the situation turned too fast. Jun Yanzhi was still alive, and Wen Jing was suffering from fire in Zhuxian Tower, which was unexpected and brought Wenren Mu back to his sad memory.

That night, Wenren Mu tossed and turned on the bed, sad and upset. How estimable it was that Wen Jing was willing to die for Jun Yanzhi… if that woman could treat him so heartily, no matter how many unhappy things happened before, he could forgive her…


At this moment, a woman’s voice suddenly came out of the window: “Mu Shixiong, may I ask you to come out?”

Wenren Mu sat up at once.
He would never forget the voice of Rong Xuan even after a few hundred years. Rong Xuan always called him Mu Shixiong in private during their several months of sweet dates. Wenren Mu clenched his fist and said, “What else do you want me to do?”

There was a rushing sound outside the window.

Wenren Mu immediately opened the window, and saw the faint back of a woman far away in the night. Wenren Mu hesitated for a moment and rushed out of the window.

After flying for a long time in the mountains, the figure in front of him suddenly entered a forest. Wenren Mu clenched his teeth and said, “What do you want me to do here?”

The woman kept flying without answer. Wenren Mu could see clearly that the woman suddenly disappeared beside a huge stone under the bright moonlight.

Wenren Mu hurried to catch up. He was out of breath by the time he saw an Entry Level woman completely covered by the huge stone with only a few inches of chignon exposed outside the huge stone.

Wenren Mu was excited: “What do you want me to do here?”

The woman did not answer, but her chignon trembled slightly.

Wenren Mu became more excited and tried to calm down: “I felt disappointed that those happy days between us were nothing but a strategy to you. What else did you lie to me?”

The chignon trembled again.

“If you didn’t, what are you asking me to do here?” Thousands of words finally turned into a complaint, “I… for the first time… for the first time… do you know it’s my first time?”

The woman grinned, but her voice was low and a little hoarse.

“How dare you!”

Suddenly the magic aura was all around Wenren Mu. A figure flew over not far away and slapped him twice, “Who is the woman dating with you?”

Wenren Mu immediately took a few steps back, being dizzy for a while. There was a beautiful girl in front of him, who looked very angry. She put on a wet clothes, it seemed that she had just been bathed.

Wenren Mu covered his face and stunned: “Ma, Master Li?”

Li Qingyun said angrily, “Come out!”

There was silence all around.

Finally, the chignon behind the huge stone reluctantly moved out. The tall and strong man in a woman’s dress, looked very funny. He dared not to head up, and greeted politely: “Mater Li, good night.”

Then hr bent his knees slightly to Wenren Mu: “Wenren Shixiong, good night.”

Wenren Mu squinted and extremely got angry: “Gui Xinbi!”

Gui Xinbi’s voice was mannered: “Oh, Wenren Shixiong, I broke your heart, I’m dying.”

As soon as the invisibility talismans around disappeared, a gust of laughter burst out. More than twenty people stood in a circle and greeted to Li Qingyun with their mouth covered. Wenren Mu looked around with a livid face. In addition to Liu Qianmo and others of the Smart Stone Peak, there were Gao Xiao and other disciples of the North Goose Peak, several disciples of the Sky Balance Peak. But he didn’t see Rong Xuan among these embarrassed faces.

Li Qingyun said in great anger: “It’s shameless. You betrayed your fiance and have a secret relationship with other woman, what do you have to say?”

None here knew that Li Qingyun had been cheated by a man when she was young, so she hated fickle playboys. What Wenren Mu did today enraged her.

A fierce slap attacked Wenren Mu with a howling wind!

Xian Wang Dotes On Wife 95 (part 1)

Chapter 95 The Curse of Envy (part 1)

“Aroma? How could that be?” Hua Manxi was worried about his mother, so he got up to go back to the mansion!

“Wait a minute. I’ll go with you!” cried Yun Qianyu.

Hua Manxi stood still. It would be best for Yun Qianyu to follow him. With her medical skill, his mother would be OK!

Yun Qianyu entered the inner hall, took off the imperial clothes and changed into ordinary clothes.

She knew that it was not simple. Princess Mingzhu suddenly fainted with fragrance on her body. It was the same as the symptom of the Pestering Poison. When Ji Shuliu went to the Cloud Valley, it was the last moment of the Pestering Poison. If it were not for her, he would surely die!

Unseen in the past hundreds of years, the poison had appeared with high frequency! If Princess Mingzhu was really poisoned, it would be the third one. Then there must be another one in this person’s hands. So was it the same person from whom Shen Yewu getting the poison to harm his mother?

As Feng Ran had checked two disciples of Shen Yewu, one male and one female, who were married, living a common life! There was no Pestering Poison in his hand. For the last two of the Poison of Xiaoyan, Gong Sangmo got them from Long Xiangluo and gave them to her.

If the poisoner was known, the last one could be found. It was better not to keep such poison in the world!

Thinking about it, Yun Qianyu had changed her clothes and walked out of the inner hall and said to Hua Manxi, “Let’s go!”

They went out of the palace together! With Hua Manxi riding, Yun Qianyu sat in carriage!

Just out of the palace gate not far, a woman in red was standing in front of the horse of Hua Manxi!

Yun Qianyu picked up the curtain to see.

At first glance, the hair style of a woman was that of other ethnic groups, full of little braids, with colorful headbands and colorful ornaments tied on each little braid on her head.

A red dress of national style set off her public expression, revealing her fiery character undoubtedly!

“Hua Manxi, where else can you escape?” The woman in red raised her whip in a triumphant way.

“Get out of the way, I don’t have time to play with you!” Hua Manxi was worried about his mother at the time, and there was no way to have a good attitude.

“Hua Manxi, you should shout at me!” The woman looked at Hua Manxi wrongly.

Hua Manxi was stunned. He looked at her and said in a more or less relaxed voice, “Get out of the way quickly. My mother is ill!”

No! The woman stood stubbornly in the middle of the road motionlessly.

Hua Manxi finally had no patience. In a flash, the figure disappeared. In a blink of an eye, the woman in red was moved to the back of Yun Qianyu’s carriage by Hua Manxi.

The woman in red suddenly froze as Hua Manxi galloped away!

The carriage of Yun Qianyu also drove forward!

All of a sudden, the woman in red stopped Yun Qianyu’s horse, drew the chariot curtain domineeringly and said, “So you are Hua Manxi’s fiancee?”

Feng Ran was about to take action, while she was stopped by Yun Qianyu!

“No, Manxi’s fiancee is accompanying his mother in the palace at this time!”

The woman in red was stunned when she said that. There was such a beautiful woman in the world! If the fairy was like a picture, she was even more beautiful than the fairy, but the expression was a little cold! And the woman in red who was stunned was awakened by the words of Yun Qianyu.

“I don’t know you’re not Jiang Yunyi!” she said.

“It doesn’t matter. Can you let me go? I’m in a hurry!” There was no expression on Yun Qianyu’s face.

“Oh!” The woman in red immediately put down her curtain and made way.

But before the carriage started, she lifted the curtain again.

Feng Ran was really angry this time. With a wave of her hand, she attacked the woman in red.

Yun Qianyu saw this, then she flicked a finger to Feng Ran. Yun Qianyu lightly shook her head. Feng Ran looked at the woman in red dress, and then ignored her!

It all happened in an instant, and the woman in red didn’t know about it.

“Since you call him Manxi, naturally you know him. His mother is really ill?” asked the woman.

Yun Qianyu nodded.

“Then can you take me into his house?” asked the woman eagerly.

“No, it’s impolite to enter others’ house for not to be invited!” Yun Qianyu refused.

“Oh!” Disappointed, the woman put down the curtain.

Feng Ran drove the carriage away immediately!

The woman in red looked at the carriage leaving, grabbed a person beside her and asked, “Who was the woman in the carriage just now?”

“Princess! How can you not know her?”

The man saw the dress of the woman in red, and immediately understood that she was not from the capital, so it was normal for her not knowing the princess.

The woman suddenly muttered, “She is Yun Qianyu, the princess of Nanlou Country! She is more beautiful than the legend!”

The passer-by, who was held by her, broke her hand hard and walked away with rolling his eyes.

The woman in red came back to her senses and immediately chased in the direction of Yun Qianyu’s carriage!

But when she caught up with Yun Qianyu’s carriage, Yun Qianyu just entered the mansion of Rong Mansion!

She stamped her feet, then leaned against the courtyard wall of Rong Mansion, kicked the stones on the ground, waiting for Yun Qianyu to come out.

Yun Qianyu entered the mansion, and she was led to the yard of Princess Mingzhu all the way!

After her entering the courtyard, the doctors came out of the courtyard and Hua Manxi followed.

“My Lord, there is nothing we can do. The princess is nothing wrong.” One by one, the doctors pulled their heads together and said discouragingly.

Hua Manxi saw Yun Qianyu and said to several doctors, “Go down!”

Several doctors immediately returned with medicine boxes!

“Little girl, come and check for my mother!” Hua Manxi said gloomily.

Yun Qianyu nodded, “Don’t worry, I probably know what it is!”

Hua Manxi was surprised and said, “You know what happened to her before seeing her?”

Yun Qianyu looked around and said: “Smell the fragrance!”

“Oh, the smell is really strange!” Hua Manxi sniffed.

Yun Qianyu stepped into Princess Mingzhu’s room. Princess Mingzhu lay on the bed with her face as usual as if she was asleep. It turned out that this was Pestering Poison!

Jiang Yunyi looked worried and guarded at the bedside. Seeing Yun Qianyu, she immediately got up and said, “Here comes the Princess. Please help her!”

Yun Qianyu looked at her. She hadn’t married Hua Manxi yet. She was like the heroine of the palace! It seemed that she was also a schemer!

Hua Manxi didn’t notice this, and said anxiously, “Little girl, how is my mother?”

Yun Qianyu went to the bed and sat down. She reached out and touched the pulse of Princess Mingzhu, but her eyes had begun to examine her body with perspective eyes with the Heart Sutra of Ziyu.

The pulse was normal, but Yun Qianyu found that there was a layer of black air in Princess Mingzhu’s body!

Yun Qianyu suddenly realized something. Why is this black air and BeiTang Guqiu’s internal power so similar?

She infused a ray of golden internal power into Princess Mingzhu’s body. Sure enough, those black air dodged when they met the golden internal power!

Yun Qianyu quietly recovered the internal power, then took out the silver needle, stabbed it on several appoints of Princess Mingzhu, and soon Princess Mingzhu woke up.

In addition to Yun Qianyu, Hua Manxi and Jiang Yunyi, there was a married woman and four maids who were close to Princess Mingzhu.

Princess Mingzhu opened her eyes and slowly recovered her focus. Then she saw Yun Qianyu.

“Qianyu is back!” Princess Mingzhu struggled to get up.

“Aunt, you are poisoned. You’d better lie down.” For the word of Yun Qianyu, people inside the house were immediately startled.

“What poison?” Hua Manxi asked calmly.

“Pestering Poison! Three years ago, my mother was poisoned and died by this!”

Yun Qianyu’s words let the people in the house be silent. This should mean that Princess Mingzhu couldn’t be saved.

Yun Qianyu was paying attention to the look of the people in the room!

Princess Mingzhu was very calm, “Don’t be sad, sooner or later the day will come!”

Hua Manxi looked at Yun Qianyu and said, “There’s really no way?!”

“There is!” Yun Qianyu spit out the word.

Hua Manxi’s eyes brightened, “What do we need?”

“Jiang Taifu!”


Hua Manxi looked at Yun Qianyu in surprise. Seeing Yun Qianyu was not joking. He frowned and said, “Feng Yue, you take the sedan chair to pick up Jiang Taifu here.”

On one side, Jiang Yunyi immediately said, “Wangye, grandfather doesn’t know medical skills!”

Then she glanced at Yun Qianyu and thought she was obviously making things awkward!

Yun Qianyu looked at Jiang Yunyi and had no words to say!

However, Hua Manxi believed deeply in Yun Qianyu’s words.

“The little girl has her own discretion. Feng Yue, move fast!”

Hua Manxi frowned and wondered since when even Feng Yue had to act according to Jiang Yunyi’s attitude?

He glanced at Feng Yue with cold eyes. Feng Yue suddenly understood that he had made a mistake. He thought Jiang Yunyi was the Wangye’s future wife, and unconsciously took her words as order.

Feng Yue rushed out at once!

Yun Qianyu saw Feng Yue running out without words, after all, this was the matter of Rong Mansion, she couldn’t put in words!

And Hua Manxi was not stupid. He immediately understood something and looked at the servant behind him: “It seems that I am too careless about the management of the mansion, and the servants don’t know who is the master!”

The servant girls listened to Hua Manxi’s words and knelt down all of a sudden!

Princess Mingzhu looked at Jiang Yunyi, who was a little embarrassed, and said: “Xi’er, it’s me who is a little lazy recently!”

“Mother, how can I blame you!” Hua Manxi did not deal with these servants for the sake of Princess Mingzhu.

Princess Mingzhu looked at Yun Qianyu and said, “Qianyu, are you sure?”

Yun Qianyu understood the meaning of Princess Mingzhu’s question. She nodded and said, “Don’t worry, auntie. It’s easy for me to deal with the poison. I’ll detoxify you later!”

Servants didn’t understand, but Hua Manxi and Princess Mingzhu were people who had experienced great storms. How could they not understand the meaning of Yun Qianyu.

Princess Mingzhu sighed and closed her eyes.

Hua Manxi was also in a haze waiting for the arrival of Jiang Taifu.

Jiang Yunyi looked at the door from time to time uneasily. At this time, she couldn’t leave. There was some cold sweat on her forehead!

Soon, Feng Yue brought in Jiang Taifu, and his second uncle, Jiang Zongzheng.

Although Jiang Yunyi was the eldest granddaughter of Jiang Taifu, her father died of illness when she was young. Her father was the eldest son of Jiang mansion, so Jiang Taifu was very partial to this eldest granddaughter. And Jiang Yunyi was also very competitive. He was indeed the most beautiful woman in the capital!

Jiang Taifu, Jiang Chong was sixty-nine now with grey hair and smart eyes!

The officialdom was lifetime career for him. Although he was honest, he was not stupid! Since Hua Manxi asked someone to pick him up, it must be his granddaughter Jiang Yunyi who did something! And it was a big deal!

Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire47

Chapter 47

Yu Yi stood up slightly when he saw Tang Mi was coming, he has waited for a while.

Tang Mi smiled at him and turned to Lan Qianqing who was behind her: “Mom, Yu Yi will come to pick me, don’t worry, please return early.”

Lan Qianqing glanced at Yu Yi, frowning and questioning Tang Mi: “Are you living together?”

Tang Mi froze for a moment, then she blushed and said, “How could it be possible! He just sent me to the house where I rented with Fu Xin!”

Lan Qianqing still looked at them: “How is your relationship going? Have you kissed?”

Tang Mi’s faces became more blushed: “No! Yu Yi is a gentleman, he didn’t even touch my hand!”

Lan Qianqing: “…”

This is not a gentleman, this is not a man at all.

Tang Mi waved her hand at Lan Qianqing in a panic, and ran towards Yu Yi. Lan Qianqing watched her get into Yu Yi’s car and didn’t stop again.

The car headed straight for Yu Yi’s home, Tang Mi looked at the luxury villa in front of her: “Don’t you send to my home?”

Yu Yi said very honestly, “You stay here tonight.”

Tang Mi: “…”

She just told her mother that he is a gentleman!

Tang Mi followed Yu Yi and entered the villa, when she found that Yu Yi was taking her to the bedroom on the second floor, she couldn’t help but asked, “Do you want to do it and let my mother agree with our relationship?”

Yu Yi stopped to look at her, and bent slightly: “This proposal is tempting, but I will not use it.”

Tang Mi breathed a sigh of relief.

Yu Yi can’t help laughing: “Relax, I won’t do it until we get married.”

Tang Mi blinked, which means that he will do as he wants after marriage?

Tang Mi’s steps became lighter when she understood Yu Yi’s thought, “Where do I sleep tonight? The guest room?”

Yu Yi said: “Of course you sleep with me.”

Tang Mi: “…”

This is not the same as what you said!

Tang Mi wore Yu Yi’s shirt and came out of the bathroom.

Yu Yi was sitting on the bed and looking at something, Tang Mi put her clothes aside and get close: “What are you looking at?”

“Photo album.” Yu Yi passed the opened photo album, raised his head subconsciously, then stunned slightly.

His shirt was as loose as pajamas in Tang Mi’s, but the hem just covered over her hips and her beautiful straight legs are plainly visible.

Tang Mi was completely unaware of it, she happily pointed at a photo: “Is this your sister? She’s so cute and looks like you.”

Yu Yi responded casually, holding Tang Mi’s waist and hugging her.

Tang Mi fell down on Yu Yi with exclamation, she frozen, Yu Yi bit softly on her earlobe: “I changed my mind, Why don’t we just follow what you just said?”

Tang Mi’s ears blushed, and her voice was a little trembling: “Please keep your promise.”

Yu Yi could not help but chuckled: “OK, I don’t mind.”

“… and you have to swallow a thousand needles!”

Yu Yi hugged Tang Mi, leaned head on her shoulder, and laughed.

Tang Mi blushed for a while, and said, “My mother is not bad, she is just worried about me, Since she divorced with father and married with uncle Xie, she has always felt sorry for me.”

Yu Yi looked at her, he thought that Tang Mi must have suffered a lot when parents divorced after she took the college entrance examination, and her mother remarried quickly, while her father was abroad all the year round. Yu Yi kissed her on the face and said softly, “It doesn’t matter, I can take care of you in the future.”

His kiss was very light, Tang Mi was tickled and couldn’t help laughing: “It’s okay, uncle Xie is very good, although I have no blood relationship with him, he still takes good care of me. After my mother got married, he often invited me to his house, and even agreed to let me move in, but I refused.”


Tang Mi bulged his cheeks: “Mom has baby after getting married, he is a very cute boy, and I feel that I am redundant.”

Yu Yi frowned and held Tang Mi tighter: “No, you are unique to me.”

Tang Mi lifted his neck, hung on Yu Yi’s neck and kissed him on the cheek.

Yu Yi looked at her and raised an eyebrow: “Does this move mean that you agree with the proposal just now?”

Tang Mi was silent for a while and said solemnly: “I told my mother that you are a gentleman, don’t let her down.”

Yu Yi chuckled again: “Since nothing can be done, sleep early.”

Tang Mi heard this and obediently covered the quilt to sleep. Yu Yi lay down beside her with his eyes staring at her brightly.

Tang Mi said: “If you look at me like this, I can’t sleep.”

Yu Yi asked, “Are you suggesting me to do something else?”

“… well, close your eyes.”

Yu Yi laughed and held her in his arms.

He was so obedient. Tang Mi closed eyes too, she felt Yu Yi’s kiss on his lips after a while.

He didn’t take any further action, so Tang Mi didn’t stop him. Yu Yi finally opened up some distance after both of them began to have trouble breathing.

Tang Mi gasped and said to him: “This will deduct your trust points.”

Yu Yi smiled and pressed her forehead: “I just suddenly thought that there was one thing I forgot to tell you, so I woke you up.”

Tang Mi: “…”

She can wake up without such in-depth communication, seriously.

She looked at him with a little helpless: “What’s the matter?”

“Don’t you say you want to open a dessert shop? Did you find the right shop?”

Tang Mi shook his head and said, “Not yet, I have no money after I paid for the rent.”

Yu Yi thought for a while, lay down beside her again, and looked up at her: “Do you know the Starlight Park?”

Tang Mi said: “I know, it was built largely, I always see its reports on the news, has it been initially completed?”

Yu Yi nodded: “The Starlight Park is a project developed by the owner of Starlight Plaza and land agent. The government also invested a considerable amount of money. The planning of Starlight Park won’t be just a normal park, but a collection of meetings, photography, and specialty catering, which will become a new landmark in City A.”

Tang Mi blinked her eyes after hearing his words: “Are you going to set up a new restaurant there?”

“Well, I plan to set a chocolate shop there.”

Tang Mi suddenly became interested: “Is that the kind of shop that specializes in chocolate? Great!”

Yu Yi also seemed to be infected by her, he smiled and said, “I have chose the chocolate chef before, who went to France to study chocolate five years ago, and worked at Michelle’s main store for five years, now he returns to his hometown.”

“Ah, I will definitely go there when the shop is opened!”

Yu Yi smiled and touched her head, then he realized that the topic was unrelated: “I didn’t mean to tell you this, I went with Luo Hao to choose a shop over there, and I saw a dessert shop that suits you well.”

Tang Mi froze: “What a high-level places, I don’t know if I have enough savings to pay one month’s rent.”

Yu Yi said, “The Starlight Park is attracting investment now, and the first batch of merchants will enjoy preferential policies.”

Tang Mi was sad: “I can’t afford it even with preferential policy, I’ll just set up my shop in a residential area.”

Yu Yi glanced at her for a while, then blinked her eyes like she used to do: “I want to invest in your dessert shop, Can I?”

Tang Mi opened her eyes in surprise: “Take a share? Ah, are you kidding me? I can’t promise that whether I will lose money or not.”

Yu Yi smiled lightly and said, “Will you lose money with such good craft?”

Tang Mi frowned and asked, “Do you mean to include the dessert shop under the Yu’s Group?”

“No, the owner of the dessert shop is you, I buy shares in private name, it won’t be related with Yu’s Group, just give me the dividend at the end of each year.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Tang Mi was still thinking, Yu Yi added: “Although I am a shareholder, I do not interfere with any of your decisions, you are the only boss.”

… Is this such a good thing in the world? This must be love.

“How about that? Can you consider it?”

Tang Mi looked at his beautiful eyes and couldn’t wait to kiss him but still held back: “That… I mean, if I lose money, you won’t have any dividends at the end of the year, and there will be a fiscal deficit. ”

Yu Yi didn’t take it seriously: “It’s normal to do business with profit or loss. I’m willing to invest more money and continue to work hard in the coming year.”

Tang Mi: “…”

It is absolutely love.

She finally didn’t hold back and kissed him.

Yu Yi held her in arms.

When Tang Mi was finally exhausted, she held Yu Yi tightly: “I love you so much!”

Yu Yi froze: “If I don’t invest your dessert shop, do you still love me?”

Tang Mi was a little excited, and Yu Yi finally took the question of “love me or my money” seriously.

She looked up and smiled to Yu Yi: “Of course I do, I have said earlier that I don’t love your fortune, but your handsome face!”

Yu Yi chuckled and asked her, “Am I the handsomest man when paying money?”

Tang Mi laughed out: “Oh no, you realized that finally!”

Yu Yi smiled to lift Tang Mi’s forehead and kissed her long eyelashes: “I will show you in your next vocation, you will like that shop.”

Thousand Autumns 54

Chapter 54

Yan Wushi said: “Old monk, your martial arts are regarded as the top three in the world. You still need the help of Duan Wenyuan to kill me. Won’t you be ashamed?”

Master Xue Ting was calm and said: “As long as we can kill you today, who cares the fame. You’re too formal.”

Yan Wushi laughed: “If you want to ask someone in Tujue for help, why don’t you ask the soul of Hu Lugu? What can Duan Wenyuan do to me?”

“Don’t be too arrogant. If you die here today, wouldn’t you feel ashamed in hell?”

In an instant, the whip shadow has fallen from the sky, blocking all the retreats above Yan Wushi.

Duan Wenyuan’s previous whip was destroyed when he fought with Li Qingyu and Shen Qiao. Now the whip in his hand was called “Shi Zhang Ruan Hong”. It’s a new one. It cost no less time than the original one. It might be more resilient. The whip moved with his body, causing thousands of dazzling illusions.

Obviously, his skill was much better than that in Su’s home where he fought with Li Qingyu and Shen Qiao.

As long as they are not willing to be ordinary, everyone is always improving.

Duan Wenyuan’s whipping method was unpredictable, in which the western region’s broadsword technique was involved. The combination of the two made people feel as if they were endless. It made people suffocate and despair and lose their fighting spirit.

But his opponent was Yan Wushi.

Yan Wushi had no weapon, and he walked calmly between the two masters of the world. He used his fingernails as a sword. Under the control of his sword spirit, the flying flowers and leaves turned into thousands of sharp blades, making Duan Wenyuan’s attacks into nothing.

Master Xue Ting almost had no expression. He looked more like a God than the Buddha in the temple. He has no hatred or joy, and never gets angry because of the outside world.

At this time, even if Duan Wenyuan was frustrated, he was not surprised or angry. He put his hands out. His finger tips were shimmered due to the condensation of sword spirit. His face was covered by a trace of moon light, which was as beautiful as a jade statue.

There were six palms of the “Bu Dong Ming Wang Yin”. His three palms failed just now. Now these were the fourth and fifth palm: “Stay Still as Mountain” and “Smile with Picking a Flower”.

The former focused on defense and the latter on attack. The complicated and changeable palms in his hands became beautiful and extremely enjoyable things, which could make people unconsciously let their guard down.

When the move of “Stay Still as Mountain” was released out by Master Xue Ting, people heard a buzzing sound, and their brains were frozen for a moment. Even Duan Wenyuan’s whip paused for a moment, but Yan Wushi was not affected at all, and he even sneered. He ignored Xue Ting’s palms towards his back, and still reached for Duan Wenyuan’s whip, ignoring the curtain that made from many whip shadows. He grabbed the whip and twisted it. He turned back and pushed the inborn vitality of Duan Wenyuan back to Master Xue Ting!

Master Xue Ting stepped back for a few paces. Yan Wushi didn’t retreat but moved forward. He had a face-to-face fight with Master Xue Ting.

When the two masters met each other, the inborn vitality of them made a loud sound. There was a whirlpool between them, which seems to involve everything in the world. Duan Wenyuan faced a strong current that he had to take back his whip. He took five or six steps back to get rid of this terrible current.

At that time, the two man did not step back, leaving the leaves under their feet to be rolled up by inborn vitality and flying all over the sky.

Xue Ting stared at Yan Wushi, and he suddenly felt that if he couldn’t kill him today, he won’t have such a chance again!

As a grand master, Xue Ting has his own dignity. If he could kill him, he would be more willing to fight with Yan Wushi alone, but he was responsible for revitalizing the Buddhism, and Yan Wushi was his biggest obstacle. Without Yan Wushi, the Buddhism could recover its status in the Northern Zhou Dynasty. He must win this battle!

Yan Wushi suddenly smiled at him. The smile was inexplicable and treacherous, which made Xue Ting frown slightly.

But at the next moment, Yan Wushi did not continue to fight with him, but directly turned around and rushed to Duan Wenyuan.

At this time, Duan Wenyuan just raised his “Shi Zhang Ruan Hong” to Yan Wushi.

This whip was invincible. It turned into a white rainbow because it is infused with all the inborn vitality of Duan Wenyuan.

But he didn’t expect that Yan Wushi suddenly turned around and walked to him.

It’s true that he walked in a leisurely way, but in a few steps, he had already come to Duan Wenyuan from Master Xue Ting, and then stretched out his hand and directly grasped the white rainbow.

His hand was very strange. It seemed to be very slow, but it accurately grasped the vein of whip shadow, “Shi Zhang Ruan Hong” was in his hand, but Yan Wushi’s hand was not damaged.

Duan Wenyuan was shocked. Before he respond, Yan Wushi’s fingers were together and he broken this whip!

“Didn’t your master teach you that in front of the absolute masters, all weapons are nothing but vanity.”

Yan Wushi showed a cruel smile. While he was speaking, his hand had slipped to Duan Wenyuan’s arm along the broken thread of the whip.

The ordinary people might be caught by Yan Wushi in this way, but Duan Wenyuan is a true master. He didn’t waste too much time on his whip. When the whip was destroyed, he had already drawn back his hand, and the other hand patted on Yan Wushi’s chest.

At the same time, the “Bu Dong Ming Wang Yin” move of Master Xue Ting had reached Yan Wushi’s back. His speed was even faster than Duan Wenyuan’s!

Yan Wushi’s body disappeared in front of Duan Wenyuan without moving, but Duan Wenyuan knew that this might just be a cover up, because a person couldn’t disappear even in a short moment, so he didn’t slow down his move.

But it really failed!

How could there be such a fast lightness skill in this world?

Duan Wenyuan couldn’t believe it.

Yan Wushi and Master Xue Ting face to face for the second time.

This time, the power was even stronger. The trees near them were even shaken by their inborn vitality. They almost fell to the ground, and the trunk cracked quickly.

This time, Yan Wushi and Master Xue Ting took three steps back respectively.

Was this man a monster!

Duan Wenyuan witnessed their battle and thought.

He boasted that he was extremely talented. His master Hu Lugu could not have done better than him at his age. However, when he met a monster like Yan Wushi, he was frustrated. At that time, he heard that his Shidi, Kun Xie, was chased by Yan Wushi all the way. He was in a mess. He also sneered that he was weak. Now, it seemed that he was not much better than him.

What’s more, with the help of Master Xue Ting who was the top three masters in the world, can’t he kill Yan Wushi?!

“The move he used just now was called ‘Shifting Bodies and Transposing Shadows’. When a person practices this Kung Fu to the extreme, he could mislead you. It seems that he is very close to you, but he is not close to you at all. He has always been there near monk Xue Ting. You don’t need to be confused by him.”

A voice sounded, and only he can hear it. Duan Wenyuan was familiar with this voice.

Then a sword appeared suddenly.

At the same time, there were suddenly several scattered zither sounds.

The sword light was in harmony with the zither sound. The latter took the zither as the medium, while Yan Wushi was concentrating on fighting with the Master Xue Ting, he directly broke Yan Wushi’s inborn vitality that protected his body, and found a flaw with the help of the same root vein of magic skill.

At the moment when the flaw was exposed, the sword light just came from the sky, aiming at Yan Wushi!

“There is a flaw in Feng Lin Yuan Dian. The higher level he practices, the more deadly his weakness will be. Yan Wushi had achieved the ninth level. Because of this flaw, he can’t move forward to reach the final goal. It’s time to kill him!”

Guang Lingsan said loudly, but people don’t know where he was. Maybe he had came here before, but he has been hiding, waiting for the right time, so as to maximize the effect of the zither sound.

If anyone who was most qualified to comment on Yan Wushi’s martial arts, it was undoubtedly the founder of the Fa Jing Sect.

The purple sword light was so powerful that it punctured Yan Wushi’s clothes, and the color of the blood immediately came from behind.

Yan Wushi hummed and laughed: “A bunch of bums, I’m too tired to play with you!”

After that, he turned back and patted the Jun Zi Bu Qi sword of Yu Ai. The light of the sword flickered slightly, but the sword still went straight to Yan Wushi.

The sound of the zither suddenly changed from gentle to impassioned!

Guang Lingsan said: “The flaw in his magic heart appeared!”

Another person appeared from the other direction, snapping at Yan Wushi!

Master Xue Ting, with his hands turned around, which was the last level of “Bu Dong Ming Wang Yin” move: Red Lotus on Fire!

The red flames of Red Lotus on Fire was boundless, burning fiercely, surging wildly like the tide, burning all the evil intentions in the world.

Yan Wushi’s meticulous and perfect inborn vitality finally showed a crack.

The fire penetrated layer upon layer, making the crack gradually expand and break, then took his magic heart directly and pulled it up!

At the next moment, his long white fingers were printed on Yan Wushi’s chest.

There was a trace of blood on the corner of the Yan Wushi’s mouth.

But his face became fierce. His sleeves rolled to the Master Xue Ting, and the strong internal power swept away, forcing Master Xue Ting to take a half step back.

In this half step, Yan Wushi directly grasped the long sword and twisted it hard. The Jun Zi Bu Qi sword broke up just as the whip of Duan Wenyuan. He bent his fingers into claws and aimed at Yu Ai. They took dozens of moves in an instant. At this time, Dou Yanshan hit Yan Wushi again, and hit on the back of Yan Wushi.


Dou Yanshan never thought this before but he succeed. He used all his skills in this palm. Yan Wushi could never be safe.

With the help of Master Xue Ting and Dou Yanshan, Duan Wenyuan and Yu Ai’s pressure dropped dramatically.

Although Guang Lingsan had never appeared before, his zither sounds had made great contributions. It was he who discovered the flaw of Yan Wushi after the battle with Ruyan Kehui, so they could find the fatal weakness of Yan Wushi.

Seeing that Master Xue Ting did not attack again but stood beside him and watched the battle, Dou Yanshan asked: “Why did you stop?”

Master Xue Ting: “Yan Wushi and I are different in positions but we have no personal feud. It is against my will to kill him. In any case, such an opponent is always worthy of respect. He should not die here.”

Dou Yanshan thought that since you are not willing to kill him, why do you join in the encirclement? But he didn’t speak it out. He said with a smile: “You are really respectable!”

Master Xue Ting seemed to know his thought and said: “Master Dou should know that even if Yan Wushi died, Zhu Yan Ce could not be recovered.”

Dou Yanshan laughed: “Yan Wushi stirred up the world. If he dies, the world will be peaceful and the Buddhism will be flourish. Congratulations!”

When they were speaking, Yan Wushi was hit again. He wanted to leave, but his flaws were exposed. He was restrained by the music of the zither. He had been hit by the previous two palms. His internal injuries were accumulated and his skills were not as good as before. At this time, under the pressure of Yu Ai and Duan Wenyuan, his defense inborn vitality was completely broken, and he was hit twice again.

Of course, Yu Ai and Duan Wenyuan were not better than him. Yu Ai’s sword was broken, so he was hit three times in his chest. His face was pale, and he took several steps back and finally fell to the ground. Duan Wenyuan’s long whip had been destroyed, and he also had internal injuries. His several ribs were broken and he spat several mouth of blood.

In this case, Yan Wushi had the spare power to escape. His body turned into a shadow. Dou Yanshan and Guang Lingsan were surprised, but it was too late to stop him.

At the same time, Master Xue Ting disappeared from the original place. His lightness skill was applied to the extreme, and he stopped master Yan Wushi directly. Under the power of “Bu Dong Ming Wang Yin”, master Yan Wushi was forced to fight with him. As a result, he couldn’t go any more. This time, Master Xue Ting retreated five or six steps, his face turned red and white in a flash, as he held the blood back that he was about to spit.

Yan Wushi laughed.

The laughter came to an abrupt end, and he just spit out a big mouthful of blood.

Dou Yanshan flied to the air and patted on his head!

At last, Yan Wushi fell to the ground.

Master Xue Ting frowned and said nothing.

Yan Wushi’s eyes closed slowly. Master Xue Ting said the Buddha in a low voice, and saluted with his hands together. Then he turned away.

Yu Ai and Duan Wenyuan were both injured. Seeing that Yan Wushi had been killed, they left one after another.

Dou Yanshan squatted down to have a closer look, and he was sure that Yan Wushi was dead. Then he smiled and said to Guang Lingsan, who came out with the zither in his hands, “Congratulations to Master Guang. It’s about time to unify the three sects.”

Guang Lingsan: “Thank you very much. Are you sure Yan Wushi is dead?”

Dou Yanshan: “Of course, when I hit him, his skull was broken. I hit him again just now, all the internal organs of him were bleeding and ruptured. There is no way to live.”

Guang Lingsan smiled: “There is a Kung Fu in the demon sect called Huang Quan Bi Luo. Before dying, he destroys himself first, then he pretends to die, so that he could have a chance to live. When practicing, it’s extremely painful, and it’s of little use at usual, so few people practice it.”

Dou Yanshan: “Are you worrying that Yan Wushi had practiced such Kung Fu?”

Guang Lingsan: “Since we had killed him, it’s better to check it cautiously.”

He walked to Yan Wushi and reached for his wrist.

A sword was lying in front of him.

The body of the sword was simple and common. There was nothing strange about it, except the four words “Shan He Tong Bei” carved on the hilt.

Guang Lingsan was shocked that he didn’t even know when he appeared.

“Even though he had countless enemies, he was still a great master. We should respect the dead. Is it appropriate for you to do so to a respectable opponent?”

Dou Yanshan narrowed his eyes and said the name of the person: “Shen, Qiao!”

Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother 67

Chapter 67 We must punish Wenren Mu

The situation changed immediately.

The whirling huge tower covered the sky and became small when it fell on the ground.

Jun Yanzhi only held the huge tower. Without those gold threads surrounded his body, the people around couldn’t hurt him at all. They holding their swords stared at him. The situation turned to a stalemate.

Jun Yanzhi whispered, “Shidi is in this tower?”

Xi Fang was almost confused by the sudden changes, and said in a low voice, “Yes.”

“What’s in it? Irresistible Flame?”

“… Irresistible Flame will keep burning him to ashes.”

Under sunlight, Jun Yanzhi’s pupils suddenly changed to be translucent and very light amber. Everyone developed a fear from deep heart and clenched the swords in their hands. Some cowards blurted out: “What are you going to do?”

Jun Yanzhi threw the Zhuxian Tower in the air, and lifted a sword to make a fierce slash.

Xi Fang shouted, “No!”

Clang! The disciples were concussed. They complained and hurriedly covered their ears. The noise had been around in their mind for a long time, and then gradually faded. When the disciples shook their heads and looked up, the black tower fell to the ground safely.

Jun Yanzhi stood still, and the wounds on his chest and waist were bleeding, but he was in a daze without feeling any pain.

“If you damage the Zhuxian Tower, he will die.” Xi Fang seriously said.

Jun Yanzhi held the huge tower and slowly looked scared: “How to save him?”

He had always been quiet and calm in front of people, as if the doomsday would not change his expression. Even when he was trapped by Zhuxian Tower just now, he had no fear at all, but now he looked at Xi Fang with a little begging.

Liu Qianmo and He Ling could not bear to look at him.

Xi Fang said a little softly, “If you’re willing to surrender, I’ll try to rescue him out.”

Two swords magic behind Jun Yanzhi immediately struck him with a strong wind and rolling sand and stones. But Jun Yanzhi didn’t want to step back, he looked at Xi Fang and whispered softly: “If you rescue him, I will listen to you.”

At the same time, the two sword Qi fell on Jun Yanzhi’s shoulders. The blood burst out and the the black tower fell to the ground heavily.

Liu Qianmo couldn’t help shouting: “This is only a delaying tactic, don’t believe him!”

He Ling’s annoyed and said: “Jing Shidi gave his life to save you, so you return him like this?”

Xi Fang muttered the spell without expression, and the Zhuxian Tower whirled in the air, and slowly became huge.

As the black huge tower covered the sun like a millstone, a white shadow suddenly left the stone and flew to the mountains in the distance, “Jun Yanzhi, Jing Shidi has told me some words about you before, Do you want to know?”

Jun Yanzhi wondered: “What did he say?”

“Follow me!”

Jun Yanzhi looked up at the huge tower and finally chased He Ling soullessly.

Lu Changqing and others ran after them quickly. Jun Yanzhi pull up He Ling’s arm and then disappeared as a green light.

Liu Qianmo swallowed gently, he felt scared in the cold gaze of the crowd.

“Lock Liu Qianmo up first, and order to catch He Ling.” Xi Fang commanded anxiously.

Liu Qianmo bit his lip tightly and looked at the disciples around him calmly: “Why do you want to lock me up? The sect rules do not allow persecution to sect fellow. Do you forget?”

Xi Fang looked at Liu Qianmo coldly with an invisible force, which could make people be unable to stand up the backbone: “There is no peace between the right and evil. Now I am not going to persecute you, it’s you who are determined to protect Jun Yanzhi.”

“Master…” Liu Qianmo clenched his teeth.

Wen Jing died and Jun Yanzhi left. Why did everything change overnight?

Right now, he neither could fight with so many people nor could escape, and there were a few Shidis he needed to take care of…

He just couldn’t bear to watch Jun Yanzhi’s death!

“Let’s go.” Wenren Mu gently pushed him.

“Get out of my way!” a cold voice came from the air.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blowing with leaves and sand and rocks brought the coldest chill that froze everyone.

Liu Qianmo saw a tall dark gray figure fall in front of him.

The Master Duan Xuan?

“Master, he is my disciple, I will teach him myself.” Duan Xuan’s voice was as tough as an iron plate, showing that he had mastered everything with no need that others worried for him.

Liu Qianmo felt touched, he had waited just this moment for many years!

Xi slowly said slowly, “You have known everything about Jun Yanzhi?”

“Your disciple has told me.”

“… It owes to my neglect.”

“I will catch Jun Yanzhi myself.” Duan Xuan always disliked nonsense and never bowed his head. He said briefly and politely, “If there is nothing else, let me find the truth out. Everyone please come back. Even if there is something wrong with Liu Qianmo, he should also be punished by his master, me.”

Lu Changqing and others returned. Their faces turned cold and did not speak because they did not catch up with Jun Yanzhi.

Xi Fang waved his sleeves wearily: “Let’s go back today and inform the other sects about Jun Yanzhi tomorrow.”


Liu Qianmo looked down at the ground.

Informing the other sects to chase Jun Yanzhi together meant that they would no longer gave him a way to live…

And the happy days would never return any more in the Smart Stone Peak.

He Ling stopped beside a rock in the mountains.

Jun Yanzhi fell down ten steps away from him, looking at him silently.

His green shirt had already turned dark red and his face was as pale as paper, but he didn’t care about that at all. He Ling looked a little nervous. He just hurried to cheat Jun Yanzhi to leave. Now he had to lie, “Jing shidi said that he… loves you.”

Jun Yanzhi stared at the air with red eyes.

He Ling sighed. Jun Yanzhi, an always cold and asocial man like a perfect immortal, when did he become a man like crying so much? Where is the ruthlessness man locked me in his ward few days ago?

“That’s it, don’t waste Jing Shidi’s efforts to save you. Find a place to take care of your wounds and disappear from here!”

However Jun Yanzhi stood like a tree and refused to leave.

“…” He Ling frowned.

“Anything else?”

“… Did he ask you to take care of that big turtle when he left?” He Ling frowned, “The big turtle is so important to him. You should look for it and don’t let it die.”

“… No anything else?”

“No.” He Ling turned his head and flew in the air, he was a little angry, “Jing Shidi lost his life because of you, so take care of yourself well.”

He Ling flew away, but when he turned his head, he still saw a dim dark red gown under the pine tree.

Jing Shidi… Was he really dead?

Jun Yanzhi didn’t know how long he had sat under the pine tree. He only remembered that the sky was getting dark, the north wind was blowing in the night, and he was shivering with cold. He lowered his head, thinking about how warm and refreshing Jing Jing’s body was, like a small heater in winter. And the sky gradually brightened.

But it went dark again soon, again and again.

His body seemed to be seriously injured, and his energy was losing. But he didn’t mind and still sat under the pine tree.

In this way, many days later.

Suddenly, he felt something around his leg.

Jun Yanzhi lowered his head, and saw a black big turtle biting his pants. He bent over and hugged the turtle, looked at it for a long time, and said gently, “He is gone, and we only have each other now.”

The turtle opened its mouth wide, exposing a piece of paper that was slightly soaked.

Jun Yanzhi took the paper out and opened it carefully.

Although the handwriting was too scribbled to see, but it was familiar enough for him. His eyes were somewhat moist.

“Jun Shixiong, I’ll regret for life that I once hurt you. I went to the Red Maple Sect and found the ‘Thunder Swordsmanship’. You can find it in the gap of the bed in my room. Hope your healthy.”

Jun Yanzhi looked at the paper and flew up suddenly.

When He Ling returned silently to the Smart Stone Peak, it was already late at night. Without moonlight, the stars in the sky were dim. All the disciples was the roaring north wind in front of the door.

Liu Qianmo said first: “He Ling, tell me exactly what’s going on.”

Mo Shaoyan said: “Have you already known what Jun Shixiong did? You told on him to the Master Xi? Jing Shidi is dead!”

“What’s up with Jing Shidi?”

“Is there any possible to live in Zhuxian Tower?”

“Let’s set it aside,” Duan Xuan slowly interrupted the disciples, “I just want to know if Jun Yanzhi is the one who led you and me into madness, and almost hurt Qianmo and Shaoyan.”

He Ling said nothing.

“Yes or no?” Duan Xuan’s voice was low and cold, and he forced He Ling to answer.

“…” He Ling glanced at him lightly.

In Smart Stone Peak, if there was a person who was more stubborn than Duan Xuan and open to persuasion but not to coercion, it must be He Ling. When Duan Xuan got angry, others would show the white feather only he would make a challenge snort carelessly.

Both of them liked to solve problems by power. If it went on like this, they must fight.

Liu Qianmo interjected quickly: “It looks like Yes. Yanzhi didn’t deny when He Ling asked him.”

“Tell me everything you know now, or there must be a great calamity!” Duan Xuan crushed the stone at his hand into pieces.

The disciples were in a shock: “Please don’t be angry, Master!”

Liu Qianmo said: “This is the end, it is useless to blame anyone. He Ling, we are family, you should make things clear and let Master judge for himself.”

He Ling sighed, and said that when Jun Yanzhi and Wen Jing confronted each other that day, Jun Yanzhi showed his evil Qi.

Gui xinbi said: “Did you tell the Master Xi?”

He Ling snorted: “…”

Mo Shaoyan said, “How is that possible? Instead I thought Wenren Mu looked strange just now.”

“How strange?”

“He was whispering next to Xi from the beginning.”

Liu Qianmo said seriously, “There is indeed something strange with Wenren Mu. He went to the Ancient Mirror Sect to call us back a few days ago, but somehow he suddenly disappeared. He finally returned last month and said that he had cured wounds in an abbey.

Gui Xinbi said: “I think he must accidentally find out Jun Yanzhi is the evil cultivator, so Jun Yanzhi hurt him. He always wished Jun Yanzhi to get troubles. If he had such a good chance, he definitely told Master Xi.”

As soon as Gui Xinbi said, all the disciples were filled with indignation.

“He made Jing Shidi killed himself and destroyed the reputation of the Smart Stone Peak! How dare he!”

“I really want to give him a hard lesson.”

“Yes! We must punish him.”

Xian Wang Dotes On Wife 94 (part 3)

Chapter 94 Deep Emotion (part 3)

The next day, Gong Sangmo left the palace before she woke up as usual.

And Yun Qianyu combed after washing, and went to court with Yu Jian.

Since taking over the political affairs, Yun Qianyu had not been serious for several days, but even so, all the civil and military maid of honors were very afraid of her.

Seeing Yun Qianyu sitting at will languidly, they one by one all hanging down their heads, looked at their own tiptops.

“All the lovely commissioner have known about the thing happened in Shouyang City, Kangcheng and Qinshui county. Although all the maid of honors involved have been punished, this event has made our palace know what the emperor is far away.”

As soon as the words of Yun Qianyu finished, all the ministers looked at each other and wondered what trouble the princess was going to produce!

“Therefore, I, as the representative of the palace, decided to give the sword to the nation pedagogue, who will patrol all the places on behalf of the emperor. The nation pedagogue has the right to act first and then make the report, if someone violates the law and discipline, oppresses the people, perverts the king’s law, embezzles or accepts bribes.”

Now they whispered.

“At the same time, we will issue rewards and punishments to maid of honors from all over the country. In the future, the promotion of maid of honors from all over the country will be linked to his achievements in local politics. It depends on how many good things he has done for the people and whether he can make people at one place live and work in peace. Every year, our palace will send imperial envoys to the local people to go deep into their lives, which is subject to the practical verification! Those who employ trickery and force the people will be decapitated immediately!”

As soon as Yun Qianyu said this, all the courtiers were shocked. They thought that they would write to their relatives and subordinates all over the country immediately after the court over. Just to tell them to be converge and behave themselves and don’t make trouble for themselves! That was not a common trouble. It was about to lose her head. As expected, there was no good thing once princess of the protectorate went to the court!

“Listen to the order of the nation pedagogue!”

“We’ll obey!”

Yu Jian gave his sword to Su Huaifeng!

“The nation pedagogue will leave at once. You don’t need to be mercy!” Yun Qianyu said in front of all the maid of honors.

“We obey!” Su Huaifeng left the Jinluan Palace with the sword in his hand.

“Wen Ruhai!”

“I am here!” Wen Ruhai, bowed and saluted.

“In this disaster relief in the south, it was said that the Imperial Censor Wen were not afraid of the plague, punished corrupt maid of honors, and rescued the people. He made great contributions and should be ranked in the official of the third grade. Now he is appointed as the Imperial Censor of the left capital of the supervision institute!” Yun Qianyu finished, all the officials at the court startled.

Wen Ruhai used to be a regular five grade maid of honor. Now he had been promoted as the regular three grades official. Others were promoted three grades in a row, while Wen Ruhai was promoted four grades in a row! Envy and jealousy eyes all fell on Wen Ruhai.

Wen Ruhai didn’t realized it at the beginning. He didn’t know that he had become the the Imperial Censor of the left capital.

“Wen Ruhai obeys and thanks your majesty!”

In the morning, Yun Qianyu rewarded the meritorious ministers one after another, and Luo Hansheng was also honorly appointed as a general in advance, without waiting for the one-year probation period to expire.

Yun Qianyu’s action let everyone know that as long as people had made contributions, the princess was not stingy and would reward. In this way, people with real talent and ability felt that they were not far from the success!

After the early court, Yun Qianyu, as usual, set off a new trend, which convinced all the maid of honors of civil and military affairs that as long as the princess of the protectorate went to the court, something important and bad would happen.

But Wen’s Mansion was in a state of joy!

However the old master Wen was not very happy. He called Wen Ruhai to his study. They talked for a long time, and even missed the lunch time.

Now, the idea that Wen Lanjin wanted to keep a low profile and settle down in the ordinary was completely broken by Yun Qianyu.

It was said that Wen Lanxi was the emperor’s best and favorite companion. And my father was now promoted to the third grade by Yun Qianyu. That was the Imperial Censor of the left capital, who was in charge of the inspector’s court, who had great rights!

Now the Wen’s had become a fragrant bun in the capital!

Seeing the younger sister that who was happy himself, Wen Lanjin frowned.

After Yun Qianyu and Yu Jian had the morning meal, Yu Jian accompanied Lu Zihao to the Royal study to read the memorials! Now Yu Jian handled this skillfully.

She herself saw the tragedy of Yulou ten years ago that Feng Ran let people check. She wanted to know that why the old master Wen didn’t let his sons and grandchildren, all the talents, be officials?

Yulou was the most luxurious restaurant in Peking ten years ago!

I heard that the old master Wen was still an maid of honor ten years ago, as the Minister of Public Works, where was a the job could get a lot of extra money. But because of the honest nature of the old master Wen, none of the workers under him could get any benefits! However, I heard that there were four sons in his family. They were all talented, Being officials, they were all honest and upright.

In this way, the Wen’s blocked some people’s source of wealth, so they were designed by others. Someone attracted the old master Wen’s second son, third son and youngest son to Yulou. On that day, Yulou was just intruded by a group of unscrupulous escapees who injured dozens of people and killed eight person, among which had the old master Wen’s three sons.

Later, the escaped bandits were caught and beheaded, but everyone knew that this was a premeditated assassination against the Wen’s! The Wen’s had no choice and nowhere to uphold justice, so only his eldest son left safely.

I heard that the old master was old all of a sudden. After a serious illness, he resigned as the Ministry of Public Works! From then on, the well-known the Wen’s faded out of people’s sight. Lived a mediocre life!

Yun Qianyu put down the materials, and felt heavy in her heart!

A family of loyal ministers should have ended up in such a situation. They had nowhere to get the justice but could only keep in the heart and be heartache themselves. No wonder they felt cold to the court!

“Feng Ran!”


“Go to investigate, we must find out what happened in that year. Who is the head of the conspiracy? I want evidence!”

For the first time, Yun Qianyu was so angry. It was no wonder that the Wen’s was willing to let his two talented grandchildren do nothing instead of letting them become maid of honors!

However, since the old master Wen still let them learn arts and martial arts, but he didn’t want to let them become merchants, then Yun Qianyu still had a chance to let Wen Lanjin become an maid of honor and capable assistant of Yu Jian.

Yun Qianyu rubbed her temple. It was not easy for her to set up the think tank for Yu Jian! Yun Qianyu thought that she was like an old lady. She had to do everything from marriage to vindicating!

“Princess!” Yang Ruoyun came in.

Yun Qianyu looked up at her, and Yang Ruoyun in a palace dress was more gentle and elegant.

“Princess, this is what needs to be dealt with today!” Yang Ruoyun recorded and sorted out all the things needed to be seen by Yun Qianyu. Now she gave Yun Qianyu to make decisions.

Yun Qianyu took over to have a look. As expected, it was handled easily. It seemed that she picked up a treasure.

“Huaifeng is gone?”

“Already set out!”

“Do you blame me?” Yun Qianyu meant that she sent Su Huaifeng away, while Yang Ruoyun just came here.

“No, the princess is for us to be together for a long time!”

Su Huaifeng had told Yang Ruoyun the reason before she left, and asked her to deal with the things in palace. There were too many things for the princess to do. Try not to let her worry about the trifles in the palace again.

“Only if you understand!”

Yun Qianyu handed the copy to Yang Ruoyun and said, “The emperor is still small, and there are only we three masters in the palace. Since there are not many things, you are fully in charge of these trifles in the future. Just show them to me at the end of each month.”

“Yes!” Yang Ruoyun was very moved by Yun Qianyu’s trust in her.

Yun Qianyu was like this: “Hire people but do not doubt; doubt people do not hire!

“Little girl, you are back!” Hua Manxi’s voice.

“Your majesty Prince Rui!” Yang Ruoyun immediately saluted.


Hua Manxi looked at Yang Ruoyun and said, “Little girl, this is the maid of honor you picked up?”

Yang Ruoyun’s mouth twitched. What did he mean to pick it up?

Yun Qianyu waved to Yang Ruoyun, and Yang Ruoyun retreated.

“What’s the matter with you? It’s such a mess in the early morning?” Yun Qianyu unexpectedly looked at his red robe with full confusion.

“Don’t mention it. I don’t know where does a crazy woman come who insists that I am her life-saving benefactor. She has to marry me, so I dare not go out. As soon as I go out, I will meet her. Then I want to see the little girl and you see me like this.”

Hua Manxi slumped on the chair, looking very tired!

“She has a high level of martial arts?” It was really a person who could make Hua Manxi so miserable!

“I humour her!” Hua Manxi said in a discontented way.

“I really want to know the woman who can let Manxi humour her,” said Yun Qianyu.

Hua Manxi said with his mouth curled: “Unruly and willful, what need do you have to know?”

Yun Qianyu smiled, while Hua Manxi rolled her eyes.

“Wangye, Wangye, something’s wrong!” Hua Manxi’s attendants came in a hurry.

Hua Manxi raised his eyebrows and said, “Is it Huwei Camp? What matter makes you so flustered?”

“It’s not Huwei Camp. It’s Princess Mingzhu!” Feng Yue said anxiously.

“What? What happened to my mother? When I just came out, my mother was all right.” Hua Manxi stood up at once.

“I don’t know what happened? The princess and Miss Jiang had a good talk, but she suddenly fainted, and her body still exuded a strange fragrance!” Feng Yue said.

Yun Qianyu listened and immediately alert up in her heart!

Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire 46

Chapter 46

“Mom?” Tang Mi’s words shocked everyone.

Since Tang Mi’s parents divorced, Tang Mi felt that it was so difficult to see them again, she did not expect to meet her mother at such high-level party.

She looked at Lan Qianqing, who wore a black evening dress, Tang Mi asked blankly, “Mom, why are you here?”

Lan Qianqing’s looked at Tang Mi, Bai Xiao, Bai Ce and Yu Yi, she stepped forward and asked: “Tangtang, who did you come with?”

“Uh…” Tang Mi glanced at Yu Yi secretly, she thought awkwardly that she was not ready to introduce Yu Yi to mother, “I came with Yu Yi.”

Lan Qianqing turned to Yu Yi, her brows frowned slightly: “What is your relationship?”

She asked so directly, Tang Mi felt embarrassed and didn’t how to say: “He is my boyfriend…”

This feeling was like that every time before the exam, Tang Mi got low grade and asked her to sign mother’s name.

Although Yu Yi is much better than a low grade test paper, Tang Mi still looks like a child did something wrong.

After listening to her, Lan Qianqing’s eyebrows tightened, she looked at Tang Mi with a slight anger in her eyes, “Although I divorced with your father, I am your mother, why don’t you tell me about such a big news that you have boyfriend?”

And he was a man of an impressive background.

Tang Mi bit lips and whispered, “I didn’t tell Dad…”

Lan Qianqing: “…”

So she still won?

At this time, Yu Yi also recognized the woman, Lan Qianqing, the head of Qianqing Studio, she was a well-known jewelry designer, and Xie Xiujie’s second wife.

He suddenly remembered that Tang Mi had once told Yu Xin that her mother had remarried after divorcing, but he did not expect that she was married to Xie Xiujie.

“Qianqing, why did you walk so fast?” A man in a suit came over, although he was middle-aged, he wasn’t fat and his slicked-back hair showed beautiful widow’s peak.

“Uncle Xie.” Bai Ce and Bai Xiao greeted, and Yu Yi nodded to him.

Xie Xiujie smiled at them, and when he saw Tang Mi, he was surprised: “Tangtang, why are you here?”

Lan Qianqing said with angry: “She said Yu Yi is her boyfriend.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Xie Xiujie looked curiously at Yu Yi. He smiled and said to Lan Qianqing, “Tangtang is not a child anymore, it is normal to have a boyfriend. Do you want her to be single forever?”

Lan Qianqing stared at him and didn’t say anything, Xie Xiujie was persuaded: “Oh, Yu Yi is Tang Mi’s boyfriend, his family were standing there, let’s greet to them.”

Lan Qianqing glanced and smirked: “Of course I have to.”

She walked forward, Xie Xiujie patted Tang Mi’s shoulder calmly: “Don’t worry, I will help you, Rongrong also comes today, she was eating with Fang, go to play with her.”

He glanced at Yu Y and walked with Lan Qianqing. Yu Yi looked at Tang Mi and whispered: “I’ll go with them, go and eat with Bai Xiao.”

Bai Xiao blinked quickly: “Don’t worry, I will protect her.”

“Thank you.” Yu Yi said sincerely.

All of them came to Yu’s family, Tang Mi also wanted to follow them, but she was stopped by Bai Xiao: “Let’s eat something here, those bad things will be handled by them, especially your mother and Yu Yi will help you.”

“… Okay.” Tang Mi picked up a small cake in front of her and chatted with Bai Xiao.

“But I did not expect that your mother is Lan Qianqing, her designs was very popular in the circle of rich woman.”

Tang Mi smiled and didn’t say anything, Bai Xiao thought for a while and said, “According to Uncle Xie, you seem to know Xie Rong?”

Tang Mi answered, “I’ve met him a few times before, but I’m not very familiar with him.”

Bai Xiao nodded and whispered: “I heard that Xie Rong have got closed to Fang Chengran recently, as for Fang Chengran, he came back from abroad a while ago and he dated a girl who was a primary school teacher, why he changed and got closed to Xie Rong.”

Tang Mi looked at her with a bit of surprise, Bai Xiao raised eyebrow in doubt: “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just didn’t expect you also like talking gossips.”

Bai Xiaoyu laughed: “There are too many gossips in this circle, If you are interested, I can tell you three days and nights.”

A girl in a light pink dress came towards when they were talking, this girl looked at Tang Mi with disdainful: “You’re my brother’s girlfriend? His taste is so bad.”

Tang Mi didn’t say anything, Bai Xiao said in lowered voice: “She is Yu Yi’s cousin, Yu Feifei, who really like Yu Yi, she always be hostile to woman who have contacted with Yu Yi, she is so crazy.”

Tang Mi smiled at Yu Feifei, Yu Feifei frowned and asked, “What are you laughing at? What are you talking about?”

Bai Xiao shrugged shoulders and ignored, so did Tang Mi, even so, Yu Feifei didn’t stop talking.

She glanced at Tang Mi and snorted, “Is the clothes you just bought? It must have been bought by brother Yu Yi, huh, I have seen many people like you, don’t think pheasant can become phoenix, by the way, Bai Xiao is better than you.”

Tang Mi and Bai Xiao’s faces changed, Tang Mi was ready to quarrel with her, Lan Qianqing was coming: “If you don’t like my daughter, as her mother, you must not like me, About the earrings that Miss Yu has scheduled for birthday in next mouth, let be designed by others, I will call the finance department, give you the advance payment and liquidated damages tomorrow.”

Yu Feifei has not recovered from Tang Mi’s identity so quickly, Lan Qianqing has taken a step forward and took Tang Mi out.

Yu Yi and Xie Xiujie followed her, as Lan Qianqing passed by Yu Yi, she stopped and smiled at him: “Mr. Yu, how much is this dress, send the bill to my studio, tomorrow I’ll pay it too. In addition, your family doesn’t like Tangtang, I also object this marriage.”

After talking, she dragged Tang Mi out. Tang Mi’s wrists were flushed, but she couldn’t get rid of her, so she looked at Yu Yi.

Yu Yi was very worried, he followed her out of the hall, when Tang Mi was going to get in the car, he quickly walked over and pulled Tang Mi’s other hand, looked at Lan Qianqing and said: “Aunt Lan , I apologize for Yu Feifei’s words just now, Can we find a place to sit and talk? I think you have some misunderstandings about me.”

“There are no misunderstandings, let my daughter go.”

Yu Yi grasped Tang Mi closely, Lan Qianqing also didn’t loose her hands, Tang Mi was crying with pain, she looked at Yu Yi, said, “Let’s me talk with my mother first, I will call later you.”

Yu Yi raised his eyes and looked at Tang Mi without loosing the strength of his hand until Tang Mi really squeezed a few tears out, then he loosed hand.

Tang Mi knew that her mother never compromise on whatever she has believed, so she always quarreled with her father, at this time, Yu Yi had to make some concessions.

She pulled over wrists when Yu Yi was loosing hand, she took his hand: “Relax, my mother is just angry, I will convince her.”

Yu Yi frowned, still thinking about it, Lan Qianqing pushed Tang Min into the car, and she quickly got in.

Car drove away so fast.

Yu Yi frowned and stared at the car for a while, then turned to Xie Xiujie, who was beside.

Xie Xiujie helplessly smiled: “Qianqing is the boss of my family, I can’t help you.”

Yu Yi’s Bentley drove over, he said goodbye to Xie Xiujie, and got into the car.

Xie Xiujie stopped the car door and looked straightly at Yu Yi: “Although Tang Mi is not my daughter, she is Qianqing’s daughter, I won’t ignore her, If you are not really good to her, you had better stop it now.”

Yu Yi pushed his hand and got into the car: “Tang Mi has my true heart, even more than your feeling of Aunt Lan.”

Car door was closed, Bentley was gone.

Xie Xiujie stayed and laughed, then he remembered that he and Qianqing came here in same car, now she was gone, he could only… take a taxi and go back.

Lan Qianqing brought Tang Mi back to her studio, she poured two cups of coffee, walked to the table, and set down: “When did your relationship with Yu Yi?”

“Uh, last month.”

“Did he express to you?”


Lan Qianqing was silent for a while and sat down opposite Tang Mi: “Tangtang, I don’t mind you falling in love, but these entrepreneurs can’t be trusted, I don’t want you to experience a failed marriage like me.”

Although Dad was judged to be a “failed marriage”, Tang Mi felt that he was not unjust, but she still thought it was unfair: “Isn’t uncle Xie an entrepreneur? Why you chose him?”

“Xie Xiujie is different because he has his own company and he didn’t need to be bound by family, moreover, he is not as aggressive as me, he has always tolerated me.”

Tang Mi said: “Yu Yi also has his own company, and he didn’t have strong character too!”

Lan Qianqing felt like hearing a big joke: “Isn’t he aggressive? Don’t talk about his measures of business field, for his cool scared face, so many people doesn’t like it.”

Tang Mi thinks it makes sense, but she still has to prove Yu Yi to her mother: “He already starts to laugh now, and he’s just aggressive at making business, he obeys me!”

Lan Qianqing chuckled, “He obeys you, really?”

Tang Mi: “…”

Well, she also couldn’t say it.

Lan Qianqing said: “I just talked to his parents just now, his father obviously didn’t like you, and you won’t have a good life after marrying with Yu Yi.”

Tang Mibian said: “But Yu Yi owns a house outside, and we don’t live with his father.”

“So you determine to marry with him, don’t you?” Lan Qianqing was a little bit angry again, “Well, call your father and see if he will agree with your relationship with Yu Yi!”

Tang Mi said: “Dad will definitely agree, Yu Yu donated money to the Rainbow Welfare Institute before!”

Lan Qianqing: “…”

What a tactful man!

After talking, Tang Mi and her mother did not reach a consensus and they decided to talk next time. She found Yu Yi’s car was parked outside when she came out. Yu Yi wore a black suit and leaned on the door to wait for her.